Monday, January 13, 2014

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Oh my God! It looks like it really might happen. What everyone has been talking about since the NFL season began ... a Broncos/Seahawks Super Bowl!

A couple things about that ... if Brady or Jim Harbaugh have anything to say about it ... that's not gonna happen. 

Niners are playing some great football. I know a lot of people jumped on the Carolina bandwagon, however, people like me, were not so convinced. However, after watching the game, I was impressed by how well the Niners adapt to the team they are playing against, whether it be the Panthers, or the Packers, they come prepared. 

Watch out Seattle, this is not your typical team. 

As for the Broncos, be prepared. I keep counting out the Patriots, and they just keep on keeping on. They really just keep winning. 

Super Bowl Broncos versus the Hawks ... let's just see ...
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