Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My "Inital thoughts on Seattle versus Denver" thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler295

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My initial thoughts on this game is what everyone has been talking about. A number one offense against a number one defense. 

Defense has been sorely missing from the league as of late. That is why Seattle is so lethal. Plus, so fun to watch. The intensity to which the defensive players attack the game ... amazing. They seem to never let up. 

In turn, I worry about that tenacity against Peyton Manning. That man can ill-afford to have a big hit laid out on him. Seattle isn't gonna hold back just because it's the great Peyton Manning. 

In turn, on offense, Denver is great. Peyton has the ability to throw to multiple guys. It makes it difficult for Seattle to pinpoint one guy to double team. Peyton's offensive line provides outstanding protection. I hope they can keep it up against Seattle. 

Those are my initial thoughts! 

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