Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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I'm not going to lie to you, I binge watched the entire series of SOA. It was worth every minute of it.

It was a little bit of a daunting undertaking. Seven seasons. That's a lot. It makes it so you think to yourself if you really want to invest your time in 70 plus hours of television.

I'm here to tell you that you should.

Skip every stupid television series that "they" tell you in good, or the new hit. This series is worth the time investment.

It throws you a bit off, the premise, a biker gang. I'm a chick, so I thought to myself, I'm already watching Justified, do I really need a biker gang?


It's so much more than a guy's television show.


Because it has what all good television shows have, great characters and great character development. It also has fulfills a great technique that I adore. Put a character in a situation and see how they react. The best characters are sometimes pushed along to do things that wouldn't normally do. You think you know how they would react, but then then don't.

Jax is a great example of this. He has a heart of gold when the series opens. He doesn't want to kill anyone. However, as the series develops, he gets put in more and more situations where he can't be true to his own nature. The arc is great, because by the end, you really aren't sure what his true nature is anymore, too much has happened, too much has changed him. Even the character questions it.

This also takes place with Tara. On the outside, she comes across as sweet and nice, but given the chance, she is as ruthless as the rest of them. She wants to give off that persona, but deep down she will do anything for her own survival.

The best character in the whole show though is Gemma. She truly believes she loves her family and what she does is because she loves them. The show is all about who is good, who is bad, bad guys versus good guys. However, Gemma is the truly evil one. What she does in the name of love, is the greatest evil in the show. She truly is the devil. She tries to help her family, but she truly is it's undoing.

I tried to give you my two thumbs up for this show without providing you with any spoilers. All I can say is, watch this show. It is fantastic.

Oh, and love you Walter Goggins! And I know that Charlie Hunnam is supposed to be the sexiest character on the show, but how about a round of applause for the sexiness of "Opie" Ryan Hurst and "Chibs" Tommy Flanagan.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

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This is the most current playoff picture (thanks NFL). All I have to say is yikes! Nobody wants to see the Seahawks have home field advantage throughout. That is a scary, scary place to have to go to in order to win.

Whomever plays the Hawks next needs to do the world a favor and give the Hawks a loss. Nobody wants to have to go through there. If the Lions proceed through the playoffs and the Packers do not, then I would wish it for them as well. However, not the 'boys. I hope the Hawks smear the gridiron with them.

I really do hope that we win the Lions vs Packers game next week. Then, hopefully, someone else can take care of the Hawks for us.

Oh, man. I really, really wish we hadn't lost to the stupid Bills now. That loss mucked-up the works.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

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This week I will be blogging about something I hate.

I hate when the Green Bay Packers lose.

We do this every year. We have that one game that we lose in such spectacular fashion. In every phase of the game. We do it when we don't have to.

This year we repeated our issue with a Kyle Orton lead team. No, Kyle Orton, per se, isn't the one who beat us. He just happens to be the backup quarterback on two teams that have beaten us when we were the hot team. The last time he did it to us was when he was with the Denver Broncos. Both times he was someone's backup.

The defense this time seemed to be messing up our offense. Aaron Rodgers was missing wide open guys and the receivers didn't seem to be on the same page. However, it was more than just that. Our receivers, who rarely drop balls, were dropping them left and right. Aaron Rodgers, who only threw 3 interceptions this year, threw 2 in this game. However, there could have been maybe even 4 interceptions this game.

Offense gets a grade D.

Our special teams was not so special. We had a field goal blocked and a punt returned for a touchdown. Not the definition of special.

Oh, then our lovely defense. Yes, we get them from getting touchdowns, but we also let them have 5 field goals? Five. That's not success.

We dropped from the 2nd seed to the 6th seed. That's terrible. We also lost home field advantage, which this year, we haven't lost a game at home. That is a big deal.

Way to go GBP. Not the game you wanted to drop.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

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That's what a blog can be for you. It can be a fun outlet for whatever interests you. Maybe you just took up knitting and you want to share your feelings. I know that when I learned off of YouTube, it was very fun, and yet frustrating! I couldn't let one stitch drop because I didn't know how to fix it! Blogging about that would have been super fun! To show my progress, or to ask questions ... see just about anything can be a blog.

Right now, I am in between shows. I'm not quite sure when Better Call Saul is starting, and I'm also not too sure when Mad Men starts again. I can't imagine they start until after the holidays? Once they do, I will be the first to blog my thoughts on them! Again,t hat's what I like my blog to be, not a recap, but my thoughts. A place to discuss what I saw.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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This episode, Coda, was very good. I love the new Rick. Back in the day, the writers made me wish someone would just kill him off. Now, I love him. He isn't taking any shit from anybody.

This is behind the opening sequence. Rick tells the cop that runs to stop. He even tells him last warning, but the cop keeps going. I love that he kept his word. It's like parenting, what you say has to be backed up. There is no room for errors.

People might think this is harsh, but it's a harsh world now.

As is the demise of Beth. Rick wanted to go in stealth. The others, holding onto still wanting to try and humanity, wanted to give the people the benefit of the doubt. However, these people are holding one of yours captive. There is no room for error. Rick's way is the new way. He had to come to terms with it, so does everyone else.

Rick is, in my opinion, still acting humanely. He asks, and means, that if any of the hospital group wants to join him, they can. He protects his own. They did not protect their own when they brought in the hostages.

However, one could ask, the group did save the lives of the other officers in the exchange. That was a good thing. However, they still lost Beth, and that comes first. The officers were still aware that they were holding people prisoner. To be slave labor. That isn't right.

Like others on blog posts, I think Beth acted impulsively and that got her killed. Bad idea when she was finally coming into her own.

I would have liked to have seen how new, strong Beth would have integrated into the group.

One of the best seasons so far.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

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This episode was jam packed. However, the same threads seemingly are never ending this season.

Again, Rick was ready to step up to the plate and kill to keep his people alive. However, Tyreese wanted to do something a little more moral, and do a trade. Have we not learned that trades don't work with Andrea? Jesus. It's like the writers didn't watch previous episodes or something. I'm a bit mystified as to why Daryl backed the morality group, but, it is what it is.

So, of course, Sasha gets herself into trouble with the cop and he escapes. Remember what Abraham said? Everyone is strong now. Kill or be killed, unfortunately. Yet, everyone seems to be missing that there is a difference between randomly killing any person you meet. That's a no. However, this is a case where they are actively holding Beth and Carol hostage. That equals death to me.

I have no idea what the heck the priest is doing. I hope that nail gives him tetanus.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

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This episode was called Consumed.

It focused completely on Daryl and Carol. It was actually a very slow episode for two beloved characters.

It kept touching upon what the new world will be, and who they were in their previous lives. I kind of feel like we have already explored this too many times for this episode to be of any merit.

Wasn't there anything else that could have happened in the episode? We already knew that Carol was abused. One can guess that she may have tried to leave him before. We knew that she had a strong arc on the show from weak to strong. This episode told us nothing new.

We knew Daryl had a troubled relationship with his brother. That's what made the story arc between him and his brother in season's past so great. That's what Merle's death so impactful. The guy was a jerk to him, but he was still his brother. Plus, at the end, Merle gave his life for his brother.

One other issue.

There are only two cars on the road. One is Daryl and Carol's car. The other, the crazy hospital car with the lady cop in it.

A cop.

She doesn't notice her car is being followed?

Stop it.

Yet, the way they get discovered is because Noah fires a gun in the building over?

Just dumb.

This episode was one of only a few missteps the show has had. However, this one was a doozy.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

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Wow! What a week of The Walking Dead. This week's title was Self-Help.

I should preface this column with the fact that I do not read the comics, so I did not know for sure what was going to happen.

However science guy was always, clearly, not a science guy. First of all, Eugene's story really didn't add up. Why wasn't he already in Washington if he knew about how to cure it? He said he was on some panel or what not, so why wasn't he already there? Didn't make sense.

Plus, the other thing is, our Scooby gang was already at the CDC. They had scientists working on it there. Wouldn't rick and the rest of the group who lived through all that realize that those two parties kinda woulda talked? If someone in the CDC knew something, Washington would for sure know. However, I could potentially see that if it was a biological weapon maybe at first Washington wouldn't tell the CDC, but after the situation got out of hand and bombing started to occur, of course the two would communicate.

That's why this just never made sense.

I'm wondering if Carol had more time with science guy if she would have figured it out.

As for the scene when Abraham nearly, or maybe did, kills Eugene, good for him. You just don't do that. Again, it goes with the new morality. Can you kill a person? Yes, but it has to be for a good reason. In my mind, people are risking their lives for this man. Everyone in Rick's group knows why they are there and what they are fighting for. It's not fair to not know what you are fighting for. Yes, everyone has done something to stay alive. However, just because Eugene did not use a weapon himself does not mean that he did not kill people. Eugene used people as pawns for his own gain. I think that is one of the unwritten rules, you do not use people without their knowledge. The priest was being scrutinized by Rick because Rick knew he had a secret -- he even says something to the effect of we've all done something. Somethings, like cannibalization and using people as patsies, are unforgivable. How many people died because of Eugene? Even if he lives, and the group forgives him, and he does something to redeem himself, it doesn't matter to me. He crossed the line.

Another thought on poor Abraham. He became what he needed to for his family and his family abandoned him. They weren't ready for the violence the world became and it cost them their lives. Abraham blames himself. That's understandable and too bad all at the same time. However, the hope the Eugene gave Abraham that kept him going, kept him focused had a huge impact on his survival. Clearly, he would have killed himself. I think, if given the right amount of time on that dirt road, Abraham would have again killed himself.

I do think it was very, very smart of Eugene to see the dog tags, and deduce what this man needed to hear in order to keep him (Eugene) alive. I think it was the dog tags. I'd love to know what you think.

Those are my thoughts on TWD. I hope you liked them.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

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This week's episode called Slabtown was excellent!

I really could not believe that the episode was over! I felt like it went by so quickly! Which, in a way, is kind of surprising for me. Beth is not one of my favorite characters. However, the pacing of this and the story development was just awesome!

It was fun to try and figure out what the angle was of the people in the hospital system. We really are a jaded bunch aren't we? But why not! They won't let her leave! Then we come to find out that she can stay if she pulls her weight and basically prostitutes herself out? Gross!

Our girl Beth though is definitely one of the Scooby-do gang now! She handled herself throughout the entire episode with smarts, wit and cunning. Beth's time with Rick and company definitely prepared her for an event such as this.

The best part of the episode was watching Beth smile, despite the fact she got caught, because her young friend made it out okay.

Episodes like this is when TWD is at it's finest. Good character development. Here, a character who is not a super big draw for the show, is now on everyone's mind. We now root for her as if she were our own friend, our own sister, or our own daughter.

Only question I have is did Carol let herself get caught so she could save Beth? Me thinks so. I also think that Noah is the one that Daryl is escorting out of the woods. Yet, that seems a little far fetched as I doubt Daryl would just let Carol go in on her own. Plus, the only way for Noah to be with Daryl would be if Carol and Daryl saw the two youngsters escaping together. All I know is I can't wait until next week!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

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What an interesting episode of The Walking Dead!

In this episode a lot happened. We get to see that poor Bob, as I am assuming we all already knew, was bitten. You didn't have to read the comic books to figure this out, like someone told me was the way they knew it had happened. It was aptly foreshadowed in the show by Bob walking out to the woods and crying by himself.

I liked the fact that Bob had that creepy laugh with the Terminus people. However, I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see that played out. Would you get the zombie virus faster if you ate tainted human flesh? I kind of wanted to know the answer to that one.

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that the military dude wanted to leave right away? I sort of got it when he wanted to protect weird/smart guy. However, once that situation had been taken care of, as in killing all of Gareth's people, what was the problem with waiting 24 hours for Daryl and Carol? The original threat was gone, the gang fixed the initial problem of a direct threat to weird/smart guy. I thought that was dumb. Also, why would Glenn and Maggie leave with military guy? Haven't they all been through enough together with Rick to stick by his side? Didn't they all agree to not leave anyone behind? Glenn, Rick's group, your group, are the people that saved you numerous times. You are just going to run off with this new group of people? Plus, Rick agreed to go with them if they just wait a few days for Carol and Daryl's return. Glenn, these people won't wait for Carol, the lady that saved them, what makes you think they would risk their lives to save you? Carol, Rick, Daryl -- these people have proven time and time again that they will risk their lives for others in their group. This decision made little to no sense no matter which way you looked at it.

It is clearly just to move the plot forward in some absurd manner.

I'm not sure if it was just me and the device I was watching the show on, but the church massacre scene was annoying because it was shot so darkly. I couldn't see a thing. It was very irritating so it took a little bit of the essence away from it.

Also, did Gareth not just say there was no reason to try and beg for his life, then goes on to do just that?

Shut up, Gareth.

Plus, from a writing standpoint, this is just overkill. We heard their explanation from Gareth's mom to Carol, and also Gareth in the boxcar in the flashback scene. Too much needless reiteration from TWD writers.

I am curious who is going to come out of those woods.

There better be a fantastic story behind Maggie and Glenn leaving to justify such bad writing to get them to go with the group.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

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I just finished watching TWD. The episode titled "Strangers" was a good one. However, I do have some problems with it.

I get that we are going to be debating this season what's too far and what's still within reason, morally speaking. That's fine. The problem I have is the changing arc of everyone's characters.

Rick has been annoying for so long because while everyone else "got it', Rick was always lagging behind. Always with the is this right? Should I be a farmer and just opt out? Then kicking Carol out of the group (smh). Well, as the seasons progressed, Rick painfully became aware that this is the world we live in. He even states it in this episode to Bob -- something along the lines of, "this is reality" to Bob's "this is a nightmare and nightmares end".

I'm annoyed because why are we even having this discussion? It's painful. Bob being so gleeful and hopeful? Annoying, but he can be happy, that's fine. Yet, to be thinking at this point that this isn't reality, is just plain stupid. Be happy finding the joy in the world, but know what your world is.

Michonne is the best. She doesn't think of the past. This is the new reality. Doesn't mean she doesn't miss Andrea. She misses what has happened since the apocalypse. She does not dwell on how things should be in relation to the old world.

Carol going to a place now where she doesn't trust herself is simply idiotic.

Carl is the worst. He goes from sweet. To being okay with killing Shane. To knowing he has to kill people or be killed. To hating his dad. To now being wishy-washy about finding the good in people and all people can't be bad?

This is like the stupid nature-versus nurture argument. Can't it just be both?

Not killing the people at the sanctuary is stupid. They don't deserve to live is absolutely reasonable. Going back and killing them is not reasonable because it puts your group in unnecessary harms way.

Yes, sometimes the lines are going to be blurred, but I think most of the time they would not be. If someone threatens you, they die. Simple. If people eat other people, they die, simple. Don't know if this priest is telling the truth? Perhaps hold off. Not hard people, not hard. Let people out of trapped boxcar? Yes. Kill the governor? Yes. Forgiving the girl from the governor's group because she made a mistake. Yes.

Ask me another, I bet I get it right.

I beg of you to not let Rick go back to questioning who he has become. He is their leader. He is doing a great job. His story arc at least keeps pushing forward. The others and the back and forth is awful. This is your world. This is what you have seen. Haven't we left the delusions behind after the governor? After Andrea made terrible mistakes in that regard? After having to kill your own mother? Almost losing Judith? What about for the rest of them? The list goes on and on...

I hope this doesn't go too off the rails.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

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This is not a recap, this is my thoughts on the show. It's for those who have watched.

Our Scooby-doo gang have found themselves in quite the pickle. I think the way the show opened was great. I mean, right to the action. That was perfect. I loved how beat up the group looked. Great job by the makeup department. It looked real. It looked like sweat dried upon sweat. I really liked it. I liked how even Daryl looked nervous, and why not? The shits going down!

What I did not like about this scene was something I found out later, after googling. I've watched every episode of the series, so I'm not oblivious. I kind of knew the guy at the end of the trough was important, but I didn't know how or why. It was only after I read online that it was the guy from that couple Rick and Carol had met. The ones that they gave the watch to and told them to meet them at a specific time? Well, we saw his girlfriend, Ana being devoured by walkers, but we never saw Sam, until the moment at the trough.

I guess maybe there should have been something more defining to Sam, because I did not know who it was until I sought it out on the internet.

Now I know, later, when Carol picks up the watch, she recognized it as the watch they gave Sam.

(FYI, in between writing this blog, I just watched The Talking Dead and people in the audience didn't know either, so I feel better)

It seems a little cliche that Glenn is saved at the last second. I would have liked to have seen this done a bit differently, so it was not so much knick-of-time. Also, the double fake-out didn't help either.

This brings us to Carol. Her story arc has been absolutely one of the best. She was an abused wife who could barely speak up for herself and is now such a warrior. She gets kicked out of the group by Rick, who thinks her killing of the group members went to far. Now, Rick is of the same mindset, realizing sometimes you have to make the hard choices. It's also interesting to note here, that Rick's arc is always a bit delayed from others. He comes to conclusions much slower than say Shane, Andrea, or Carol.

Speaking of Rick, I like this new Rick.  He is the guy I would follow. He makes hard choices. He knows how to handle himself in a fight. He is there to protect the group first and foremost. I wouldn't follow a guy, like he was before, who was so wishy-washy he couldn't make a decision because he didn't know if it was right. A guy who would wonder if it was morally okay to kill someone, even though they are trying to kill you.

The world has changed buddy, glad you are all caught up on that.

Which leads me to my next thoughts.

In some regards all the characters on the show have had to change their moral compass. What is too far? What needs to be done? What is, under these new rules, morally okay? No, this isn't the same society, and people will have to be killed, but coming up with reasons for and against are becoming more murky. Remember now, when the Governor killed that leader because he was going to make them all get killed? That was clearly the wrong choice to kill the guy, but taking him down as a leader would have been justified. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. Glen, stating that they had to let the people out of the cars was the right thing to do? Yes, that was the right thing to do. Killing the people at Terminus, in my opinion, was the right thing to do. Going back and putting yourself at risk to do so was not. You kill to stay alive. You do not go back and kill people for vengeance. Yet, it's a small, fragile line, because now you have to ask yourself, will those terminus people, shall they live, go on and do that again? That's not okay.

an oldie but a goodie
And finally, Tyreese. He doesn't want to be a killer. Yet, he has to be one. It was pretty awesome/awful to see him get to that conclusion by beating a mad to death with his bare hands.

I'm excited for this season. This is the best premier yet. Like other people, I was super expecting to be at terminus all season. I was very pleased to see us move quickly through that. Not because I didn't think terminus was a good idea, but because in life the terminus would have happened this way. They would be cannibalized quickly, or they would have tried to fight there way out. I liked it.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

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I just finished watching the season finale of The Strain.

First off, I would like to say that I so appreciate the old man telling the little boy what was going on and challenging Eph to tell his son the truth. I mean, come on. How about inserting a little reality into a fake television show. If I had a son Zach's age, I would most certainly tell him everything that is going on in order to protect him. My God, vampires are afoot. It's not time to coddle.

The show kind of goes downhill from there, in my opinion. Eph and Vas find the liar where the Master is hiding out and at least they have a moment of clarity and go back to get the rest. They do, tow Zach along, and enter.

Honestly, why do the not buy more of the ultraviolet lights? My God, it works. They have time. Jeez.

Cut to the chase, they find the Mater and he is all by himself in an attic. Eph, old man, and Annoying Zach break all the windows, an bit too easily a might add. Really? This Master can't fight them better. SO random. Then the Master somehow winds-up outside and everyone just stands there, watching him. Cut his stupid head off people! What the hell!

No, the Master scurries away. God. They all deserve to perish.

After seeing all this, Zach, like an imbecile, fakes a damn asthma attack and the dumb-ass gang goes back to Kelly's house to get more inhalers.

Cut to an utter ridiculousness, Zach is faking to get a photo album. One, that's stupid. Two, that kid is, what, 9? All his pictures would be on a computer, not in a photo album.

Kelly is there, and Eph does not shoot her right off the bat. He does shoot out the glass, but Kelly just lurches away.

The show might be more stupid than the books.

Yet, I watch. I don't know what that says about me.

I hope in season two Zach isn't so doe-eyed. It kills me. Toughen up.

Thank God the show is over this season, it will give me a break from the just plain awfulness of this show. It will come back, again, when absolutely nothing is on to DVR and I will end up DVR'ing it again. Ughh.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

My John Adams Miniseries Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon scottgot

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I have been actively watching the John Adams miniseries from HBO.

I know, I know. I'm a little behind. However, I have been enjoying HBO shows lately, so I thought I would give this a try. I also really, really love history, so I thought this would be a nice experience.

Here are my thoughts. I can't stand Paul Giamatti. He is such an annoying actor that he essentially ruins the series for me. He overacts, you can tell he is acting, and I just find him gross.

However, Laura Linney's turn as Abigail Adams is excellent. I haven't really seen much of what she has been in so I have no bias. She is superb in this role. I love every moment that she is on the screen and I find myself wishing that there was more time devoted to her.

What I do really enjoy about the series is the interaction between the founding fathers. I like seeing Jefferson interact with John Adams, I like seeing the relationship with Hamilton. It really helps the history you learned in school jump off the page a dazzle your mind.

However, I really don't feel like I learned much. As strange as that sounds. I don't feel educated by this series and I don't feel dazzled by anyone's performance outside of Linney's. I feel like a lot of hollywood friends got together and it was the "cool" thing to be in this series.

That's my take on the series. Overall my recommendation? Skip it.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

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I must admit, I did not get a chance to watch The Strain yet as I have been binge watching Veep.

I totally understand why she keeps winning Emmys for her role.

What I like about the show is Tony Hale. He is so funny. I don't even mind that they basically took his Bluth character and gave him a job next to the vice president. I could watch Buster/Gary every single day of the week.

I love the reaction of Amy on the show. You just root for her even though she is pretty evil. You root for her because she is no where near as bad as Dan.

The one guy that is so perfect at being a chump is Mike. You vacillate between wanting him fired and hoping he gets fired so he doesn't have to put up with Salina anymore.

I love the fact that they have brought into the fold some of my favorite character actors. The boss from Office Space (Gary Cole) is in the show and I just adore him. I love Kevin Dunn.

I have deduced the reason we all like the show so much is because Salina says things that we wish we could say. She has no restraint. She swears like a truck driver.

I just hope that Gary gets truly recognized some day and that Amy becomes POTUS and Dan has to get Amy coffee. That Mike gets to have ducks with his new wife and that Jonah is forced to live with his mom.

I'm not sure where the relationship is going but I was loving Kent and Sue. I was literally smiling ear to ear every time those two had an interaction.

I have one episode left, the season three finale. Yay!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

My "The Strain Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 149scott

Make-up artist should be fired. Looks like a mask over a dude's face.
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This week's episode is pretty representative on the books. It just lacks any imagination and highlights the fact that we really don't care. Oh, and the fact that Eph is super-duper annoying.

Outside of the books, this kid can not act and his candy cane attitude and big bright eyes of "where's mommy" is just f'ing killing me.

The end scene where he is looking at pictures of his mom, I'm just so sick of his naiveté that I want to shout at him "you stupid moron! Grow up! She's a vampire! Do you really think she can't return a phone call?"

But what do I expect from him? Like father, like son, as they say.

He goes out, albeit, I'll give him he started his search during the day and finds her phone. Okay. Then he goes back to the apartment, no ex-wife - fine. Now it's dark. What? You go to her friend's house? At night? Go in a basement where it is pitch black? No backup? His shit should have been killed for pure stupidity.

This is how people died in all the 80's movies. Maybe that's why people my age can't stand this shit. Because in the 80's when you went into a dark basement that you didn't even KNOW were filled with vampires, your shit got killed. Now, in the whatever it is we are calling ourselves now ...  20-fourteens, people can go into basements with 95.9% probability has vampires and their shit doesn't get killed? So freakin' stupid. Completely unbelievable.

Then Eph comes home, well, home-base to old man's weird lair. He proceeds to tell his son that he has not given up hope. FFS. Stop it already. This universe exists after Night of The Living Dead. After The Walking Dead. After 28 weeks later. After From Dusk Till Dawn, and every other vampire movie you have ever seen.

Get it together.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

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This episode was good because we finally got to see the master. Although, for a Guillermo del Torro show, I was a bit disappointed by the reveal of the big bad monster. In a lot of ways, the regular old vampires are scarier than the big bad monster.

I do like all the flashbacks for Setrakian. It is a great way to really learn about his character and his motivation. This character is the most flushed out of all the characters. It makes sense, since he has been around the longest, I mean, years wise. His underground, basement lair is pretty cool, that's the coolest part of the scenery of the show.

This episode highlighted what a great character he is. We got to see a softer side of him, interacting with Ephraim's son, Zach. He is gentle with the boy, but doesn't hold anything back. I like this. I'd like to think if I was in a vampire apocalypse or a zombie one, I'd try to be as honest with everyone involved as possible. Years don't matter here. Living does.

Ephraim and Nora having sex on the bed was at once boring, inappropriate, and sorry, actors, not really sexy. If you are going to put gratuitous sex in a show, make it good sex.

Can someone answer me if the blonde was in the book? I don't remember her being part of the gang. Kinda weird that they felt they needed a sexy girl in it.

Ephraim being so callous to Nora about being in love with his wife still was a bit unnerving. Are they trying to make us not like this guy?

Anywho, I'm excited for next week and the show still keeps me entertained so I'll keep watching.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

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I'm seriously running out of shows! With the end of Breaking Bad and True Blood, I don't have regular shows. Justified, Mad Men, Walking Dead, and Big Bang are all on hiatus. I really don't watch anything else.

Therefore, I had to go in search of a new show to watch. I found one in The Strain.

First of all, let me divulge that I read the books in The Strain series. I'm a huge Guillermo del Toro fan. One of my all time favorite movies is Pan's Labyrinth. I also love all the creatures from Hellboy and Pacific Rim.

Therefore, I started in on the series.

It's a little hoakie, to tell you the truth. I can't suspend belief every time I see Sean Astin on the screen. I don't know why, he's a fine actor in this role, it's just ... I can't.

I love the dude from House of cards, although, it took me forever (!) to figure out who it was. He has hair in this series, so it took me quite awhile. I pride myself on being able to place actors. This was not one of my better guessing games.

Anywho, the story is about a vampire who gets smuggled on a plane that lands in New York City. Everyone on board, save for, I think three, maybe four, are alive. However, we quickly learn they all change into vampires --it just takes some time.

The other thing is there is an eclipse, perfectly timed, so that it increases the spread of the vampires since the daylight is blocked out, barring of course reality as eclipses really don't take that long.

We also know there is a really rich guy that financed this whole thing, we presume, at this point in the tv show, that it is because he is dying and he wants them to do something for him -- like make him a vampire. Yet, not an icky vampire, one of the smart ones. Although, we are not sure how this works.

There is a really cool gang guy with a big friend. Then there is an exterminator -- we like him. he's from Lost too, so we like him for that as well.

We haven't seen him for a few episodes, but there is a rock star. He's been turned. He's one of the ones that "lived" on the plane.

That's all you need to know for now. I'm one episode behind, which, I'm gonna go watch now as I have a few minutes, and quite frankly, after writing this synopsis, I'm kinda excited for.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

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So, yesterday was the final episode of the True Blood series. It's kind of something us fans have been waiting on for quite sometime, and I don't mean that as a compliment.

The whole season just really doesn't make any sense.

First off, you wasted our time with the Tara storyline. That was a fine storyline, trying to show us why Tara was always acting so tough all the time, because she always felt that she wasn't tough enough for her mom way back when. Wait, that wasn't such a great storyline at all, actually. Yet, it did not need to go on as long as it did.

What they could have spent that time on was truly developing the Jessica and Hoyt storyline. It's fine that they got back together, I actually really enjoyed that. Yet, the rush down the alter was way, way to rushed. If they had spent more time on the characters, that would have been great. I really liked how their arc has gone over the last few. The meeting up again, Hoyt being naturally drawn to Jessica, but the rush to the alter, Bill dying or not, was too much.

And the fact is too, Jessica just said how old fashioned she was. There wasn't a dress store in all of the town she could go to real quick instead of borrowing that ugly-ass dress from Sookie?

I did like seeing Jason and Hoyt together again. That was nice.

Also, why did we waste that whole bit on the new girl? So dumb.

As for Bill asking her to kill him using her big, bad light. Really? That seemed very selfish to me. Also, I'm 5'3". There is no way they a girl the size of Sookie could just drop a foot down on a shovel handle and break it. A little too unbelievable.

Also, why did Sookie have to kill him? Was it some stupid metaphor that Sookie had to kill the love between them? In a way, I hope that's what they were going for, because, otherwise, seems a little narcissistic of Bill. I mean, hasn't he been threatening to turn in to goo for awhile now?

I loved how Eric and Pam came out on top.

A small detail, but is there a cure for the vamps? Or are Eric and Pam selling new blood as a stop-gap to a cure. I'd kinda like to know.

Oh, well. I think that overall the ending was okay. It's just Sookie and Bill have been annoying for so long, it's hard to get all emotional over him dying. I mean, she just buried Alcide. The pacing was all a little off over the last seasons for this to truly be a tear-jerker.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

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I really liked this episode. It all has to do with character development and story arcs. Television is always at it's best when a storyline is followed from beginning to end. When what happens in between matters. When real relationships are born.

Eric and Bill were never friends. Yet, at the end of this episode, you have the distinct feeling they have become friends. They are sharing insights. They are being real together. It's great.

You know now that I think about it, the title of the show was Love is To Die. Maybe it should have been called Friendship, or maybe True Relationships. Arlene and Sookie have a friendship moment. They have always been there for each other. They lean on each other. Lafayette and James have a real friendship that has blossomed into love. They know each other. They want to be with each other. Same with Hoyt and Jessica, which was the greatest part of the episode. They aren't meant to be together because they were each other's first loves. I mean, that doesn't hurt. Yet, the reason they are together is because they matter to each other. At a deep level. Even with Hoyt not remembering Jessica, he is still drawn to her. It's beautiful. Their love is a love based on caring. On friendship. On a shared reality that they matter to each other. It's beautiful.

This was a beautiful episode. I look forward to the series finale next week.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

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How stupid. Really? Bill won't take the cure. That's the dumbest thing I ever saw. Here comes Eric, to tell Sookie that he will be fine, the guy she should really be with, and she's picked Bill, again. It's the dumbest thing ever.

And, really? The Tara thing? THAT'S what we have spent all season watching and wasting time with? So freaking stupid. Tara can't be released until her Mom forgives her? So dumb.

This entire episode should have been called "Don't watch this, this is dumb."

The good? Eric is cured. Maybe Sookie can be hit by a car and Eric can move on with his life. The other? Hoyt. Hoyt and Jessica were very touching. Sometimes, you can't go back.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

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Season 7 episode 7. There are only three episodes left to go.

A couple of things. Kind of nothing happened. I mean really. With only three episodes left, I felt like we didn't move the story further ahead that much. Yes, Bill and Sookie sleep together. Big f'ing deal. We all knew that was coming. Did they really feel like the way to end the episode? Like it's some big reveal? Sookie just lost Alcide, what a few days ago? We knew she didn't love/LOVE him, but still. I know, I know, Bill is dying, and that will speed along any relationship. But, what about Eric? He was dying? Why not take him into the back room of Bill's house and have sex with him there? For old time's sake? Sookie is just awful. Just a completely awful person.

Also, how fast did her hair change to bright blonde again? Weird. Lazy writing, lazy attention to details. All so stupid.

Just end this series all ready.

And who cares about Tara!

I did like Jason (the actor in particular) being able to play a little dark in the Sara scenes. Pretty cool. I like the guy as an actor and his character on the show. Yet, please, stop looking and having sex with other people's girlfriends.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

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This week I watched season seven episode 6 of True Blood.

I very much enjoyed it. I really like the fact that they have so much Eric and Pam together again. They are truly a dynamic duo. Watching them play off of each other in the room with the cowboy was great. You really do get the sense that they have known each other, and have appreciate each other, forever.

It was very touching the scenes with Sookie, Jessica, Jason, and Bill. I know they weren't together, but it shows what a family they are. Relying on each other, leaning on each other, even holding each other. It was very, very sweet.

The scenes with Bill in the waiting room were great. The isolation, the loneliness, the feeling of not getting anywhere with your doctor -- or lawyer in this case. It was very well done. People really do prey on the misfortunate and I could definitely related to Bill wanting to stab the lady in the heart.

I knew that was coming with Sara.

I couldn't quite hear what the note said between Jason and his vampire girlfriend, but it couldn't be good.

I can't wait for next week.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

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What an excellent episode of True Blood this week! Much better than last.

First off, how much do we all love Pam! I swear, every scene she is in, she steals. That dress she was in at the end of the show was amazing! I'm surprised she liked it though. It had quite a bit of sparkle.

This episode deals a bit more with the relationships that everyone is in. I liked the interplay between all the characters and their thoughts on love, loss, and how to continue.

I liked that Lafayette finally stuck up for himself.

I liked the fact the Jessica and Jason might be together. I hope that the lady vampire doesn't rip one of their heads off.

I'm glad that Sookie didn't do something or say something stupid that would offend Alcide's dad. Plus, I love Alcide's dad.

I'm not sure where this whole Bill Compton thing is going. Do you guys? He is spending a lot of time thinking about when he was alive. Is this going somewhere?

Good reveal at the end.

I liked the touching moment between Pan and Eric. Those two are great together. Plus, what a great shot of Eric sitting on his throne. Once a strong vampire, now he is weak. Great shot.

I wonder if Sara will be able to come up with a way to save the vampires. Could be redeeming?

I have to say, I was so pleased with the episode this week that I am actually looking forward to the next one for a change!

Oh, and poor Ginger. Used and abused until the end.

See y'all (as Sookie would say) next week.

Monday, July 14, 2014

My "True Blood Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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True blood this week was actually very good. You know, it's a funny thing. Shows are all the same. Whether it be a medical drama, lawyer show, or perhaps an airplane falling out of the sky, the same thing makes them good. Characters. How the characters interact. This week, we finally got some good interactions.

We start off with Jason and Sookie having to tell Alcide's father and Hoyt about the deaths to their respective loved ones. Sookie, heartless as ever, seems a bit cold. Jason on the other hand had the much tougher job. It's as if he had to call into the abyss, to a loved one he lost, and tell him about his mom's death. It was touching.

Of course, naturally, we get the backstory to Ginger, which, although I didn't know I wanted it, I was glad they delivered. That's house you do an 80's/90's flashback. With some context. Excellent.

Pam had probably the best quote she has had ever in the show.

Then we get to oh so drab Bill. He tells Sookie he owes her everything. Does he? I think Bill owes a lot of people a lot of stuff. Why just Sookie? And, what, actually did she DO for him? I think the show thinks better of it's writing then the actual writing allows.

Pam's relationship with Eric is always good. They have perfectly written those two together. They stand by each other, always. It's not just Eric to Pam, but both ways. It's fun watching them enjoy each other a little bit. Eric smiling over just what a bitch Pam was to Ginger was awesome to see.

Pam has got to be one of my favorite characters. I really can't say that she has ever been in a bad scene.

Pam warns Bill that Sookie will never be back with him. I like it. I don't want those two together at all.

Then in walks Eric (to the little gathering of the rebel army or what not), and Sookie runs to him. Is it the writing? Is it the actor? I don't know. But it worked. The moment between them was so touching. It was more than we've gotten from Sookie to Alcide all season. The smelling of the hair to start it off to the stroking of her hair later. Such a small detail, but conveys so much. A delicate love between them. A caring that goes beyond the sex in the show.

Now I will give Sookie and Anna Paquin their just deserves when it came to the Arlene scene. Yes. That was good. Yes, actual emotion was conveyed. It looked believable. It looked legit. It helped so much put some legitimacy back into her character, and, for that matter, he legitimacy as an actor.

Lafayette. Oh, dear. I love him too. One did have the sense he truly didn't get over his boyfriend yet. Nor have we. Here's to hoping for love and absolution for Lafayette at some point in this show.

One final thought, isn't Sookie's blood supposed to be so awesome? Isn't that why Bill was after it from the four fairy kids from before? If fairy blood can make vampires stand out in the daylight, couldn't it help heal vamp hep v? Or was it some weird combination with Lilyth Bill?

Who knows, but I think it's worth a shot? Then Sookie can be with Eric. If that does not happen, then honestly, end the show.

Until next week!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My "True Blood Thoughts" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon 199scott

I only show pics of Joe M
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So, then there was this week's True Blood.

Honestly, what were they trying to do? Be Sophie's Choice? I didn't see Meryl Streep in the show's credits.

The whole thing was a mess.

This season's plot line is horrendous. It's like they aren't even trying anymore. Who cares about this band of vigilantes. I don't. I spent more time on spell-check for vigilante than I did caring about that plot line.

At least someone finally killed Hoyt's mom.

I honestly could care less about stupid Jason's vampire girlfriend. She's annoying no matter who or what she is. Get rid of her.

Do the writers actually think we care about Sookie and Bill getting back together? I'm not going down that road again. They had their chance with the whole Bill and Eric triangle, only to have her walk away from both. Nope. Not gonna do it again.

I won't even talk about Alcide. Really? There are no words. I'm not sad. How could I be? The writing is so terrible that this season, they just make him whining all the time and yelling at Sookie. Not that she doesn't deserve it. Still. His plot line has been terrible for awhile. Think back to the whole pack-wolf thing. So bloody stupid.

Oh, and while I am on it, can Sam and Alcide stop morphing into their respective canine counterparts and meeting up naked? It's just getting weird at this point. If they were gay ... great! Yet, they are not, and now someone needs to explain to them about manners.

Right now, the only thing I am enjoying about the show is the flashbacks to the confederate Bill and the civil war. And that's only because my favorite part of history is the reconstruction period.

I honestly don't even care about this show anyone. Which is sad. It used to be so good. Oh, I do like the chance at Lafayette having happiness. He is a favorite character of almost everyone. He deserves to get a little happiness. They have not really utilized him this season, besides being high on his couch. Maybe a bit more Lafayette would help.

I think that's it. One of the things that was good about this show was it's humor. It is entirely humorless right now. You can't count Eric's 80's hair.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

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True Blood last night opened with a "gay" sex scene. We were all supposed to get our panties wet over the situation.

It's tired.

I'm not gay, but I have a lot of friends who are. It's beginning to become insulting to gay people that the only way it's okay to have gay sex on screen is if it's in the form of a dream. Even before I spoke to my friends about it, I had already felt the same way. I rolled my eyes at the beginning of the scene. I was like, yup, this will all be a dream.

Then, after speaking with them, I realized it's almost verging on insulting, if not already insulting. It's subliminal. Sex between two dudes is okay, but only in a dream, not if it were actually for REAL. Time to step up to the plate True Blood. We watched Jason have pretty explicit sex with his vamp woman, so  graphic sex is not out of the question.

As for the plot line, Sookie is also so tired. You know what? If I were Alcide, I'd dump her ass. She runs to Bill about everything. I also don't care anymore about any of her relationships after the one season where Sookie has to choose between Eric and Bill. And she chooses neither? Nope. Not good enough True Blood writers. That was über annoying.

My overall impression of the show? Meh.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

My "True Blood Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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True Blood is back on. While I'm happy to be visiting with old friends again, it seems a little blah.

First of all, there is a big blood bath in the beginning. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't really tell what was going on with all of the speedy vampire movements and such. I had no idea who was being killed, who was who, and what was happening. There was no time for my brain to catch up with what it was seeing.

Maybe that's what they were going for, you know, due to the Tara thing. They say she is dead, but did we really see it? Did she run away? And didn't it seem like some higher up whistled for everyone to stop and return to the ranks?

Then we get Sookie. Poor, poor, Sookie. Who cares. She's all upset because somehow everyone is blaming her. First off, really? Why is this her fault? Seems like a bit of a stretch to me that somehow everything bad that has happened in Bon Temps is her fault. Wasn't Fangtasia already there when the show opened? It's not like she sent out invitations across the globe to vampires to come to her small, hick town to invade it and nest there?

Then there is Jason. I have zero desire or care about his relationship. While he is great eye-candy on the show, his plot line is ridiculous.

Back to Sookie. She's gonna be mad at Joe M for thinking that they should have left Bon Temps when they had the chance? That's hardly a negative thought. They SHOULD have left Bon Temps. That place is crazy. Plus, just on a human scale, why are they still there? I'd be pissed if she wanted to stay because of vampire Bill. I know, I know. That's her family house she is in. Her brother lives there. Tara the Terrible lives there. But, maybe it's kinda time, huh?

Jessica is still as beautiful as ever. Still looking for a friend in the world. I did like her plot line this week. That was good.

I do look forward to where this season will take us. I also kind of look forward to it being the last season, mainly so that it will wrap up some storylines and maybe give us a somehwat decent resolution to the series.

Oh, and maybe kill Sookie off. I'd love an end scene where they all sit around the kitchen table and was like, why did we ever bother with that girl!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

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Wow! What a season finale of GoT!

I'm going to focus this blog on Tyrion. Peter Dinkalage is amazing. Simply amazing. If he doesn't win an Emmy this year, I'm pretty sure the entire thing is rigged.


His entire performance was spectacular. His hug with Jaime felt so perfect. So honest. So NEEDED.

When he walks into the room with Shea there, it was brutal. It was the ultimate betrayal. Not only did she go against him in court, she went against him with his own father. She became the whore he defended her as not being. She was one of the only people he loved, who he felt loved by. Feeling loved by Tyrion is his ultimate need. He does not give his trust freely, and she shit all over it. The only reason he sent her away to begin with was to protect her, because he actually loved her. Ugh. Awful!

The, the one man he strives to be respected by, to be loved by, to be accepted by, sleeps with her! Too much, even for our beloved Tyrion. Bye-bye daddy dearest.

The array of emotions that Peter Dinkalage displayed was amazing. Sometimes, you can go past suspended disbelief and just realize you are watching expert acting. I rewatched the scene between him and daddy-dearest a few times. It was that good.

Arya. You are one cold-hearted bitch. Really? You're soul is that lost that you walk away from the
Hound at that moment. He had no one else to sell you to. He was simply looking out for you. The oath that he lived by, which was life was cruel, he suspended for you. You went too far Arya, too far.

Was it just me, or did you not know who to root for in the Brienne vs Hound scenario?

Cersei. I don't trust that bitch. Jaime Lanniser, don't trust her either!

Bran = boring. And selfish. Really, all of that so you can walk. Dude, it's not in your cards.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Thanks to HBO
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This week was all about Jon Snow. What an epic battle! There really isn't a lot of recap, since most of it was awesome fighting scenes. However, some important things did happen.

Jon Snow is still awesome. That's what happened. He was a leader, as always. I didn't read the books, so I'm not super sure who everyone is. That's the one bad part, and kinda good thing about the show, they don't spend a lot of time over-explaining who all the characters are. I like that, even though I'm at a disadvantage. Well, back to my point. Jon Snow killed a really big dude and it was awesome. He looked supremely manly doing it.

Then poor Ygritte. You really don't know what a hold he has on you do you Wildling? She can't kill Jon, and he looks happy to see her. Like, maybe they can work it out somehow? Nope. Remember the thing aboutlast week? Hope? Hope seems to be the curse of this show. If you hope for something, it will not come true, and in fact, will be your own demise. Bye-Bye Ygritte. The cosmically good thing about the death of Ygritte is that the boy who kills her? Well, I do remember Ygritte killed his dad, so there is that.

Oh, and since I  love dogs so much, yay Direwolf! He got in on it! 

So cool hour of GoT. It went by really, really fast. I liked it, but back to the intrigue! What WILL happen to Tyrion?

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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That's a big guy
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I can't believe how they always do it! Game of Thrones toys with our emotions like none other.

Sansa stick ups for Littlefinger, which, is her way of learning. This is the enemy she knows. She knows what he wants. She's tired of the one being played all the time. Maybe we are done seeing Sad Sansa after all?

As for her sister, Arya ... poor Arya. She arrives at her aunt's house only to discover she is dead. This causes her to burst out laughing. It is funny, in a way. How could so many bad things happen to one little girl? Now the Hound will be stuck with her? Good for us viewers, as this is my favorite relationship.

And, of course, the reason for the episode. Tyrion, the fight, and his outcome.

I love how Jaime sat there, smiling, feeling so giddy that Oberyn bested the Mountain. Even Tyrion gave himself a brief moment of hope. As if he couldn't believe Oberyn was going to do it. DOn't these characters realize that hope is a frail thing? Oberyn gets cocky. He wants his confession. If he had just killed the Mountain when he had the chance.

Yet, no. Life in this land does not work that way. Oberyn meets a gruesome death. Tyrion is devestated, as is Jaime. Only evil dad and sister look on, pleased. If anything, they look more satisfied with the fact that Oberyn died from cockiness, as if it was the better treat. I guess, for them, it was.

I have not read the books, but I am so tempted to Google it. How will Tyrion get himself out of this? I hope he does. I love him. He is by far my favorite character.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

My "Mad Men Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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Mad Men was excellent last night. I thought the whole episode was done beautifully.

There has been a lot of chatter about the hidden meaning behind Waterloo and whether or not this means that Don's return to form is only temporary. Honestly? The writers can write it anyway they see fit, so I won't speculate. I'll just appreciate this episode. One day at a time, right?

I thought the scenes, as always, between Don and Peggy are brilliant. Don is completely generous and unselfish in wanting to see his protege succeed on the burger account. Knowing he might not even be at the company, he gives Peggy the opportunity to present. This is huge. She presents despite the great Don Draper being available. She is her own woman. Her fears of never being able to leave Don's shadow are now over. She is valuable in her own right.

It's also nice to see Peggy in a good working relationship with her boss and mentor. For all of the fighting against Don's return, Peggy comes out on top. He, as always, is the one there for her, cheering her on, and paving the path for her. He truly has paved every path for her. Was she always talented enough to do it? Of course. But in the late 60's, as a woman, it would have been difficult. This is no less apparent than with Lou Avery. Lou still sees her as less, as just a woman, as only needing her presence when it suits his needs, for his ends. Don, for all of his shortcomings, is near perfect when it comes to Peggy.

I love the scene where she only gets two beers. One for her, and one for Don. Very fun writing.

Peggy's scene with the young boy was so touching. On the opposite side of her life, Peggy's personal life, it's a mess. She has no one in her life. The boy, which makes her out to be pathetic, is leaving. I, for one, don't think of their relationship as pathetic. Peggy needs this boy, and this boy needs her. Yes, Peggy doesn't have a lot going on in her personal life, but this connection, on it's own, is beautiful. She realizes it, too. It's written more from the standpoint that she is pathetic, and now she loses even this personal connection. However, it is striking that she is so taken aback by his moving on. Perhaps she didn't want this connection before, in giving up her baby, but she wants it now. It's okay to figure things out later in life Peggy. You still have time!

As for Don, there was a lot that went on. I am grateful that with all the back and forth with Megan, the show didn't spend anymore time on that.  Honestly, I thought it was over and done with weeks ago. Glad that the nail is finally in the coffin.

Roger creates a big shake-up in order to keep Don, which was inspiring. I hope it works out. What was great, was seeing Don back to his old, self-assured, confident self. He sat in the meeting with an air of authority. He looked to be himself. It was wonderful. I hope he can keep it that way.

Ha, ha, Harry. You lose!

And, now, a couple of my own issues with this show. How is it that Ted can nearly kill his clients, but he has no repercussions, and Don only terribly botches a pitch, and he is crucified? Also, on Ted, he, too, is a womanizer. He got with Peggy. OUR Peggy. Shouldn't the firm be mad about that?

Also, we all always hated Pete for being so slimy. So, how is it that Joan seems to be as slimy, or more so, than Pete? Her arc is not a pleasant one.

Also, for all of Don's horrible fails on the home front, how is he that terrible at work? He's a great pitch guy, takes Peggy under his wing creating a whole world for her, saves Peggy when she doesn't even realize she is pregnant, tries to keep Joan from whoring herself out for a partnership ... I, mean, really? Joan has turned into an ungrateful person. Bert tries to explain this to the viewers by saying Don cost her a lot of money, but, is that enough to throw Don under the bus? Perhaps when the viewers, like me, defended her actions to get the partnership, saying she wasn't a whore, were actually wrong? She just wanted the money, no matter what. Integrity be dammed. Integrity would have kept her on Don's side.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

My "Game of Thrones Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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Everyone said last week that Peter Dinklage's speech would win him an emmy. I disagree. Not with the fact that he is going to win an emmy, but, it won't be for last week's performance.

It will be for this week's. 

When Prince Oberyn told Tyrion of how they once met, when Tyrion was a baby, and how mean Cersei was to him even then -- it was heartbreaking. It solidified every fear that Tyrion has ever held deep down inside. That no matter what, Cersei will never love him. That she will, in fact, always hate him. Simply for being born. For being the reason their mother died. He already unnecessarily blames himself, but to have that weight on his shoulders is clearly a lot to manage -- and Peter Dinklage acted this scene beautifully.

He also has his champion!

I thought the scene between Tyrion and Jaime was also excellent. The bond between them is clear, and goes beyond all the palace intrigue. They may do unspeakable things, but when it comes down to it, they are family.

I thought this scene beautifully partnered with the scene between The Hound and Arya. The Hound is not most hurt by his face, but that it was done by his brother, and this father didn't stick up for him. The wounds our own family inflicts are the worst kind. Simply because they are supposed to be the ones that hurt us the least.

I think we all can appreciate this in real life.

Backtracking a little bit, I also liked the scene between Bronn and Tyrion. I don't blame Bronn. I thought his reasoning was just. I haven't read the books, so I don't know what will happen between them, but I feel in my heart that if (and I'm pretty sure they won't kill of everyone's favorite character) Tyrion lives, Bronn and Tyrion will be just fine.

I loved this episode and can't wait for next one.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My "Game of Thrones Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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I was a little delayed in watching Game of Thrones this week, but boy was I impressed when I did.

My husband saw it before me, as he was in Michigan for his nephew's open house. He wasn't as impressed, he felt like not much happened.

I completely disagree.

I love Tyrion. So much. He gets shuffled to his trial by Jaime, who is visibly upset that this is happening to his brother.

Tyrion looks almost passive during his trial, knowing there isn't much he can do about it. Jaime can't stand it anymore, watching his brother get setup. So Jaime goes to his father, the master manipulator,  and asks to strike a deal to save Tyrion's life. Tywin had expected this would happen all along, and too readily agrees. Jaime knows now that this whole trial has been to get Jaime to do what Tywin wants.

Jaime tells Tyrion that there is a deal, Tyrion agrees ... until Shea. It's too much. This was the scene that was so great. He doesn't care anymore about striking a deal. All he wants is to stick it to his father. His father is NOT going to get what he wants.

Absolutely fantastic!