Monday, December 30, 2013

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I can not believe how good that game was on Sunday. Packers against the Bears. NFC North rivals. Cobb and Rodgers back in the game. It was so fantastic. 

The whole game was. Usually, when it's your team, you don't want it to be that exciting. You want a blowout in your favor. Anyone who says otherwise isn't really a fan of their team. 

However, even for me, it was not hard to see how exciting the game was. 48 seconds left on the clock. Fourth down with 48 yards to go. For the game. Rodgers almost gets sacked. He throws the ball up ... touchdown to Randall Cobb. 


Now that the elation has worn off, it's back to reality. We pulled the Niners in the wildcard game. Ugh. They are our Achilles's heel. We lost to them in the playoffs last year and the first game of the season this year. It seems they have our number.

Good news is the game will be at Lambeau. Hopefully, that will count for something. 

I can't wait for Sunday.

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