Monday, December 16, 2013

My "MNF preview" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler199

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Wow! What a win by the Green Bay Packers! I still not even sure I'm not just in a drinken stupor somewhere and that this isn't real life!

Down by 26-3 to start the first half, Green Bay scored on every possession to continue. With some luck, and some poor choice by not only Romo but head coach Garrett, the Packers did the unthinkable and rallied back to win. 

I'm super pumped.

Doesn't mean that I all of the sudden want to keep Dom Capers though. I like a lot of our defensive players. Yet, we still need new coaching there. Look no further than the 36 points we allowed. 

However, with a Bears win today, Green Bay is still a half game behind. We NEED a Lions loss. 

So this MNF game becomes very, very important. 

The Lions like to implode. It's what they do. The loss to the Eagles stings. I don't need them to have a battle cry going into this game. 

However, I was mightily impressed by the Ravens last week when they stuck in the game with the Vikings. A lot of teams (I'm looking at you Browns) would have folded. That shows the toughness of the Baltimore Ravens. 

I think Ravens experience wins out here.  

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