Monday, December 23, 2013

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I'm watching this San Francisco MNF game right now while I live in San Francisco. 

I hope they lose. 

When I first moved here I was so excited to live in a town that had such a storied football team. Yet, no one was a fan. Not a single person. If I asked them what they thought of the Niners, they would always respond, we suck, or, I don't care. 

I went to the stadium. Oh, I was so excited to watch Peyton Manning with the Colts play the
Niners. What a shitty stadium. I couldn't see a thing. Some part of the stadium blocked the view. Plus, we were lower deck, or bowl, or something, and it made you feel claustrophobic. Needless to say, I never went back. Plus, I watched some Niners fans mercilessly haze a Colts fan. Really? What makes you so special you have to ruin that fans time?

Now that the Niners are good, wow, watch the fans pour out of the woodwork. The fans are so fair-weather. They don't know the rules. They boo when they shouldn't. They cheer when they shouldn't. It's obnoxious. 

Even tonight the fans (most of which I assume are only there because this is the last game at the stadium) started booing the refs. Simmer down douchebags. 

I don't like San Francisco football fans. They couldn't even keep the stadium in San Francisco. I mean, really. How great to live in a city when the stadium is right downtown. They should have moved it somewhere closer to the city. 

So good luck Falcons. I hope you win this game. I also hope next year the team is called the Santa Clara Niners, cause it certainly shouldn't be San Francisco. 

While I abhor the fans here, I also don't like how poeple casually throw around "San Francisco". It's expensive to live here, the city has it's own identity. It's not for the entire Bay Area. 

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