Monday, November 4, 2013

My "MNF Green Bay versus Chicago Bears" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler199

I'm excited about my MNF game this week. Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears.
It is the oldest rivalry in the NFL. 

I get to watch the dynamic quarterback play of Aaron Rodgers. I just love my quarterback. He is smart, great at ball control, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I also love his competitive nature. When he runs with the ball, which makes me nervous, you can just see how much he wants to win. 

Today we will also on the Green Bay side, get to watch the continued awesomeness of Jordy Nelson. He is such a fantastic receiver, it just boggles the mind.

I'm also curious to see how well the new wide receivers are going to do this week. Last week they did very well. It will be interesting to see how much more improved they are this week with the continued increase in reps in practice and with a whole game behind them. It should be fun to watch. 

On the Chicago side of the ball, there isn't Jay Cutler. He will be temporarily replaced by veteran backup Josh McCown. Josh has had some good games in the past. However, the last time he played the Packers, on Christmas of 2011, he lost. He threw for 242 yards with a touchdown, but, also, with 2 interceptions. 

But don't fret Bears. They still have Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte. The key will be to limit those guys if Green Bay wants to get a divisional win here. 

I'm hoping that they do.

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