Thursday, November 14, 2013

My "Denver Bronos versus the Kansas City Chiefs" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler199

The big game this weekend is the Broncos against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. What a game it looks to be. 

The Broncos have a great offense. The Chiefs have an excellent defense. The question will be, which one will win out?

The quarterbacks have a lot of experience behind them. Peyton Manning just might go down in the record books as the greatest quarterback of all time. Alex Smith on the other hand, has had quite the impressive ... kind of comeback? Alex Smith was let go from the Niners when they were playing their best ball. Now, out of the system and finally getting the respect a first round draft pick deserves, his team is undefeated. 

This is also a divisional game. 

What is there left to say besides I can't wait?

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