Monday, October 14, 2013

My NFL fans need to get it together blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler199

Because of GoDaddy coupon sigler199, I get to state my displeasure with NFL fans in week 6.

I love the NFL. I really do. I especially love my Green Bay Packers.

I would be pissed if our fans acted in the way that the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, or San Francisco 49ers did.

On each occassion the fans acted like idiots. I won't even say they acted like children -- children behave better than this.

The Denver Broncos fans booed them because Peyton and the team weren't beating the Jaguars ENOUGH going into the half. WHAT! Are you serious? Playing football is a tough sport. That's why we all love it so much. You never know what match up is going to favor a team or not favor a team. Here's the thing, they still won!

Bronos fans -- get it together.

The Houston fans were ridiculous because they are putting all of their woes onto Schaub. That's not okay. It's also never, ever okay to cheer, actually cheer, because your quarterback got hurt.

Lastly, ahhhh. My hometown. What a classes bunch of turds. When an Arizona Cardinals player was hurt, and being strapped to a protective back board -- our fans were doing the wave. Talk about classless. Their is an injured man on the field, and you can't be patient, and show some repsect to a man that may have broken his neck? Gross. Gross behavior.

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