Monday, September 30, 2013

My Bye Bye Breaking Bad blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler199

Thanks to GoDaddy coupon sigler199, today I will blog about how much I am going to miss Breaking Bad.

I'm really, really going to miss Breaking Bad. The show was excellent on so many levels, it's hard to even explain. From the characters, to the actors, the directing, and the impeccable writing -- it was probably the best show I have ever seen top to bottom.

First and foremost for me is the writing. Every single episode was excellent. They never faltered. Take, for example, Dexter. The season when the introduced Lumen was the end of the show for me. Things became unbelievable. Her leaving him at the end seemed like a waste to go through that whole season and then for her to leave. To then get involved in one more uber killer out there was just too much to get into. Now, this last season, which by the way, I haven't even finished, is just plain stupid. Really? New characters ... I wonder who the serial killer is? Ugh.

That's the thing with Breaking Bad. I sat at my television last night with drink in hand extremely excited. I wanted to know what was going to happen to these characters. From the very first episodes you were hooked. Everything was so dense in a Breaking Bad episode. When Walter had that guy trapped in his basement and he was looking for any way not to kill the guy ... and then they showed you the broken plate! A plate! That was the suspense -- and it was breath taking. The end of the show with the call backs to that scene - amazing. I also loved the opening scene of the finale with the sirens going by. Remember when Walt first cooked? He heard sirens and assumed, that they were for him? Of course they were, he thought to himself, he did something bad. But when they didn't ... he realized someone wasn't always lurking behind the corner, and being bad might be easier than he always thought. And he liked it. He liked not being the "good guy" for a change. And he admitted that to Skylar.

Breaking Bad is the best example of writing in a show ever. There may, MAY have been some slight missteps along the way, but only the slightest. I can not think of one other show that systematically wrote every single episode to perfection. All the "greats" of recent years don't even come close. Lost with it's unanswered questions and lame ending. The only thing that saved the show was when they got off the island. Dexter isn't ending (ended) great. I am not the only one who lost interest a few seasons back. The show should have ended before on a high note. Battlestar Galactica from what I understand made people want to throw their tv's against the wall. And the grand daddy of them all, Sopranos. I won't watch it because I heard about the ending. Could you imagine spending all that time watching a show only for it to end like that!

The actors are amazing. Bryan Cranston is simply the best. He conveys such emotion. He can turn it off like the flip of a switch. Sweet one moment, then asking you to tread lightly the next -- and you know he means it. You find yourself believing that maybe Walt isn't so bad after all -- like when Walt tries to manipulate Jesse. Bryan makes you, the viewer, get sucked into the manipulation as well.

Honestly, he didn't win the Emmy -- shame on the academy. I hope Bryan Cranston knows his fans all love him.

Kuddos to Aaron Paul. Your character was supposed to die in the first season and you were one of the only characters to make it out alive? That speaks volumes to how Aaron Paul won over a fan base.

I'm not sure what to do now that Breaking Bad is over. That's the other testament to the show. People are sad that it is gone. I'm sad. I really looked forward to what was going to come next every week. Not many shows can boast that anymore. With DVR and downloading, tv viewers can watch whenever they want. They don't need to be on time. With Breaking Bad, you did. not. want. to. miss. it.

I will miss it. I will miss Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's chemistry on screen. I will miss both their acting jobs. I will miss the guy who played Hank. Talk about selling the viewer on the fact that he was a blowhard that when giving the chance broke bad faster and for lesser reasons than Walt. Ugh. I could write a whole post just on that.

Bye Breaking Bad.

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