Monday, September 2, 2013

I blogged about Packers versus Niners with GoDaddy coupon sigler199

Hey Lauren, what's up?!
My GoDaddy blog using coupon sigler199 today is about ... football!

Before all the smack talking, boasting, and belittling starts, let's begin with the most important thing's football season!

I'm so excited, as I know you are.

There are a few big games this Sunday. Cowboys versus Giants, Atlanta versus New Orleans ... but none is bigger than San Francisco vs Green Bay.

The reason this is the most important game on Sunday is because both were in the playoffs. And, sadly, for my team, the Packers got destroyed by the 49ers. Save for that first interception of the game, it was all downhill from there.

Douche, stop mouthing off about Aaron.
Questions for the game will be:

Can Green Bay protect against the run this year?

And I'm not talking just against Kaepernick. I'm talking about anyone they put at running back or quarterback.

Will Green Bay's defense improve this year?

Will Green Bay have a running game?

Will Aaron Rodgers be the most sacked quarterback again this year.

How is Rodgers blindside going to be this year?

There are so many questions ... we will get the answers.

Green Bay's toughest game arguably for the year is the Niners. To have to play them first is killer.

On the Niner's side of the ball they have a few questions to.

Will Kaepernick be able to perform this year or will he be another Cam Newton?

Will the Niner's be as effective with the option this year?

Will the Niner's be the head of the division or will Seattle take that honor?

Hey honey, we've missed you
Tune in to find out.

Sunday 4:25 EST Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers.

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