Friday, August 16, 2013

I blogged about preseason football with GoDaddy coupon sigler199

I'll watch preseason football with you!
I watched a little bit of preseason football yesterday. It's true, it's enough to wet your whistle, but since it doesn't matter in relation to the season, it's hard to really get into.

Today the teams were the Bears versus the Chargers. Now everyone knows that I hate Jay Cutler. He's so whiny. However, I also really don't like Rivers. He, too, is very whiny. He always makes faces as if the whole world is against him.  All I have to say is "get it together."

This weekend I have my second preseason Green Bay game. I really, really hope they get the left tackle situation figured out and the running back. Please! I need this year to be more than one dimensional!

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