Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I blogged about MTV being a joke with GoDaddy coupon sigler199

Today my GoDaddy blog is about the MTV video music awards are a joke.

At first, I thought maybe I was overreacting.

But I'm not.

I actually liked Miley Cyrus before I watched her click from the VMA's. I thought she was beautiful, and I thought she had a good head on her shoulders. Of course, I made this assumptions based on no evidence.

So I watched her ridiculous performance. She is a no-talent-ass-clown ... to steal a line from the great movie Office Space.

She didn't dance. She had no moves at all. She didn't even look sexy. She looked ridiculous.

It made me reminisce about the days when people had talent on MTV. I remember a time, in 1993, when Janet Jackson performed in mom jeans and looked so sexy. JJ didn't need to be naked to be sexy.

But it's not just the nakedness. It was the fact Miley didn't dance. She just flaunted her body around in the most cringe worthy manner, assuming that her nakedness was enough. It wasn't. Being naked doesn't make you talented or worth watching. 

Those are my thoughts for this week's blog.

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