Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Kids are great. They are so full of life, happy, and always so excited about everything. Today I got a chance to speak to my 3 year old niece of the phone. While I had an excellent time, I have no idea what she was saying. First of all, I'm not entirely sure she had the receiver next to her mouth, so it was a bit muffled when she spoke. Some of the words that I understood were white, yucky, poop, bathing suit, Hello-Kitty, and peachy-pink. She's just starting to use full sentences, but perhaps she is not quite there yet! 

She could answer questions though. When I asked her what she was having for dinner, she knew. She said noodles. When I asked if she liked swimming she said yes. But the best? When I told her, "I love you," she said, "I love you, too."

That was pretty spectacular. 

So my blog today is basically to tell you how much I love my niece! Kiss your kids, and your nephews and nieces every chance you get ... they are pretty cool, don't you think?

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