Monday, June 17, 2013

I miss my dog -- use GoDaddy coupon code scott249 to start a blog today

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For example. Today I will blog about my sweet, sweet girl Emma. She passed away a year ago today. She was a Pointer, much like the one pictured at the right. She was a very sweet girl. She used to be so fast she could catch a rabbit. She would whine in glee trying to chase after something. The best part though? When she caught up with it, she never knew what to do with it. 

As she got older, she turned into quite the couch potato. Man did she love laying on the bed. Sometimes, I would come home to find her head on my pillow. I swear, if you are ever having a bad day and you can come home to a dog on your pillow -- it just melts your heart. Instant remedy to a bad day. 

When she passed away she was having such a hard time walking. She lost that glint of trouble in her eye too. Sometime when you pet her, she would just close her eyes and soak it up. 

I know someday I will get another dog. That dog will never replace Emma -- no one can. But when they day comes, I will apply the lessons I learned from Emma. 

You can never, ever spoil your dog too much. You can never take them out on enough walks, throw the ball enough for them, or wrestle with them too much. Because one day, you will be missing the times you did get to do that with them. 

If you ever feel like it's too much work to take them in the car with you -- reevaluate yourself. It doesn't take that long. 

Think there is too much dog hair in the house? Wrong. Someday, when they are gone, you will randomly find some of their hair again and cry because you wish there was more of it. 

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