Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 2012 GoDaddy Promo Code 599scott Allows You To Blog About Replacement Referees!

Wanna write a blog about how unfair the final call was in Monday night's NFL football game but don't have a blog? No worries! GoDaddy and coupon code 599scott can help with that.

Wanna blog about how it's unfair that the 49ers got an extra timeout that resulted in two extra challenges? Get a blog at GoDaddy.com using coupon code 599scott.

The bad calls go on and on. Want to blog about how the owners need to get off their fatted-asses and end the lockout? Get a blog at GoDaddy.com and use coupon code 599scott to do so.

Obtain a new domain using code 599scott at just $5.99 per year! That price is good for up to 3 domains! After that you can get additional .COMs at only $7.99 per year!
Good luck NFL teams, you're gonna need it now that a win is not based on performance, but luck of the replacement referee draw.

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