Monday, August 31, 2015

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Now, onto what I like to blog about television shows like The Strain ...

This week's episode was utterly a waste of time. I'm stating it now. I will not watch season 3.

I just don't know how a show with so much promise can be so dull? If I had to take a guess, I would say it is because the writers and frontrunners have stated that the show is supposed to last 5 seasons. They are obviously trying to stretch out all of the material to make it that long. They better be careful though, they might not reach 5 seasons because of people like me who will refuse to watch the show. I also think that it is on when there are no other programs to watch. AMC is their main competition, but with Sunday Night Football coming back, people will have other and better options for television entertainment.

I feel bad for people who write recaps for this show. I write my thoughts on the show and spend little time recapping things each week.

Honestly, this is all that happened.

  • Nora questions EPh. This happens each week. She does it in that really annoying breathy voice of hers -- like it would kill her to put any oomph into her voice. 
  • Zach is still whiny. He is still whiny over his mother. 
  • Kelly is still after Zach, but now she went to Avon. The fight scene is nothing. They are never anything. 
  • Fet is still cool. 
  • Setrakian still grumbled this week, but I think he may have had 5 lines of dialogue this week, so there was an improvement there. 
  • No Dutch this week. She must be on hiatus doing another show because the actress realizes this show sucks. 

Overall, Kelly tried to find Zach again in the most dull way possible, finds him at the hideout, convinces the moron to let her in, and nothing happens. It's like a song on repeat.

Eph saves someone's life with Zach assisting. All so he can get a rifle. Alright.

The book that everyone is after is located, after a stupid Cardinal tries to sell it to the highest bidder. Ugh.

Honestly, that's it. Nothing else happened. Oh, a lover's spat between Palmer and the French lady. French lady may be a spy.

Gang dude acts the only way a real person would and tries unsuccessfully to shoot vampire son. They make an alliance.

5 more stupid episodes to go. Maybe next week that will take the action and plot up a notch. For everyone's sake, I hope they do.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My The Strain Season 2 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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This week on The Strain was more of nothing. It's like they give you one more piece of information that should only last 5 minutes and fill it with an entire hour. I honestly feel like this show would be better served in 1/2 hour increments. Then maybe it would feel like something was actually happening.

So let's recap. Eph is drunk and puts a bandage on.

Nora still seems insanely clueless and docile. She would drive me crazy in an apocalypse. I'm not saying I would want someone who was all chaotic and hectic, but her? I'd be like, honestly, how about an emotion, any emotion?

Setrakian is still grumbling his way through the episodes. He still hates the Master. He still can't kill him. I think his goal was to blow up the building, but then only a little chunk of concrete fell down. Wah-wah ...

The Master still doesn't kill Setrakian. So weird.

Quinlan shows up and finally kills some of those weird monkey-children. I like this actor. I like this character. I'm sure the show will screw it up somehow.

Barbie kissed Palmer. Palmer blushes like a school-kid, which, they explain away. Whatever. I'm fairly certain Barbie was not in the books? Am I wrong? Do we care?

Kid was not as annoying this week, thank God.

Poor, poor Fet. I would make him forget all about Dutch. However, Fet, calm down for 5 seconds. Whiny girl just showed up. Give it a second. For such a manly man, I have to agree with Eph on this one, way to give up super-duper fast.

Onto next week. They better do something pretty fast to make this season make us want another. We just finished episode 7. Only 5 to go. Not like, oh my God! There is only 5 more to go! I can't believe it! More like, man, do something quick or your ratings will not let you survive into a third season.

Monday, August 17, 2015

My The Strain Season 2 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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Now, for my thoughts on The Strain episode 6 titled Identity.

Honestly, this show.

Palmer is still making demands that he is too stupid to realize he has no authority to make. It's insulting the way the show writes his character. There is no nuance to it. He's just dumb, short-sighted, and arrogant.

The one character that does this a little bit better is the Nazi. He is crushed to learn that he won't ascend to the highest being. It crushes him. However, wouldn't you rather be second in command with all your own faculties? I'd be a little wary of giving myself over to the Master and being completely taken over. I think the Nazi got the better deal.

So, did this week confirm that Nora and Eph have no relationship? Is this to make us somehow like Eph less? I actually liked the blond haired lady. She had more pizzaz to her than Nora. Not cool though, to be off having sex, and leave your son behind to be taken care of by a woman who is pretty sure she's your girlfriend. However, in the real world I would never leave my son behind. In the universe that is The Strain, I would leave Zach behind in a heartbeat.

Also, what the heck man? Killing off Fitz? I liked him. He seemed believable in the roll and I liked the actor. Too bad they ruined a good thing again.

What else. Where was Dutch?

Is Zach working Nora? Seems a bit of a turnaround for the annoying kid. Plus, hasn't he been whining this whole time for his mom? There she is, idiot! Go to her! I mean why are you running? Why are you having an asthma attack? Isn't that what you wanted?

Yeah, I thought so ...

Well, at least the pharmaceutical company has the Anti-vampire virus. That's something.

Also, how stupid are the people of New York in this show? There are literal Vampires running around and someone asks for your blood type in mass fashion? I'm not so sure someone wouldn't connect the dots.

One more thing, we did it turn into winter?

Just kidding, one more thing .. are the Feelers bullet proof? Is it just me or are they being hit with those bullets and nothing is happening? So stupid.

Until next time ...

Friday, August 14, 2015

My The Strain Season 2 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

I love writing blogs. It is so much fun to have as a hobby. In fact, I get to combine two things that I love, journaling, and watching television.

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This week I will be returning to my blogging about The Strain. I'm totally caught up on season 2 at this point.

Not that I needed to be. It's not very good.

Again, I only watch due to my compulsion to finish something that I started. I think it's a disease or something.

Maybe one of those worms got in me and now I am forced to watch the show as some part of a collective vampire mind.

Much like True Detective season 2, nothing haas happened this whole season so far and we just finished episode 5.

Let's start with Eph. He is still annoying and no one cares. He shaved his head, still fights with his son, and it's still unclear if he and Nora are actually in a relationship. They never do anything remotely loving to each other.

Nora. Shrug. She's okay. She seems like a wallflower though. Nothing really happens with her. Ever. She helped develop a virus with Eph to kill the vamps, but the vamps just commit suicide to keep it from spreading. Wow. Way to start a plot lead and then just do nothing with it all in one episode.

Setrakian is just cantankerous. He growls a lot, mixed in with some huffing.

Zach. Oh, man. I did not think it was possible to make this kid any more annoying than he was from last season. To make matters worse, it's as if they tried to find the worst kid actor possible. It's beyond painful to watch. I should start a drinking game of how many times an episode I wish one of those vampire tether-tongues kill him.

Cyber chick Dutch and Fet are the only reasons I remotely enjoy the show.

New politician lady (Feraldo) is cool. I've always liked the actress, too. However, if you asked me to name what she has been in before, I can't place it. She's the newest player and I like her.

Marchand. No one is buying that she would be into Palmer. Stop it. It is just gross.

Palmer. I like the actor who plays him. He serves his purpose.

Gus. I like his character and I like the actor. He had one of the only plot lines working on the show. However, it's like someone in management realized they might have something interesting to watch here and they ultraviolet destroyed all the mercenary vampires. So dumb.

So, if you have been busy doing other things this summer and haven't had a chance to watch, but worry you don't want to start midseason ... zero need to worry. You have missed nothing.

Now, if they made the show only Gus, Fet, Dutch, and Feraldo ... that would be way better.

Until next week. Maybe then I will have something to actually recap. Either that, or I will be severely hungover from my new Zach drinking game.

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Turn Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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I finally decided upon watching the series Turn.

I must say, I was happy that I did.

The show has really good writing, a great cast, and a great plot that can sustain itself past a simple first good idea.

awesomely evil
First off, Jamie Bell is superb. I think if it wasn't for him the show wouldn't nearly be as good. I recently watched him in Filth and didn't even know it was the same guy. Really, really well done. I'm pleased he will be making some money with the upcoming needless Fantastic 4 remake.

Honestly, isn't there any original ideas out there? Are we doomed for the rest of our lives to be on the 8th reiteration of Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, and Fantastic 4? What ones am I forgetting?

great acting 
Speaking of sequels, the second season of Turn is just as good as the first. Unlike, say, Sleepy Hollow that just fell off a cliff during the second season.

The intrigue is good on the show, and every cast member does a great job of pushing along the plot. It does a great job of making the lines between good and evil, right and wrong blurred. Some characters are deliciously evil, and some are annoyingly on their high-horse. I care about every single character in some way -- I either can't stand them (in a good way) or a love them and want the best for them. The only character that really is kinda meh is George Washington.

I honestly look forward to the next season.

Here's the problem with this show and so many others out there. In the networks attempt to get more money through DVD or whatever, or their failed realization that streaming is here to stay, they don't give viewers enough of an opportunity to watch the shows if they miss a few. I probably would have watched Turn earlier, except it wasn't made available to me. Once I had missed several episodes, it was simply too late to start. I literally couldn't watch the episodes if I wanted to. I had to wait for the second season to come out so I could watch the first. Only then could I then binge watch to get caught up and the ultimately finish the season.

get over yourself!
Simply let viewers watch the episodes. If your show is good, people will come back. They are losing more viewers than they are gaining advertisers and ultimately, the advertisers suffer because less people view.

I think  Turn would have way more viewers if AMC changed their viewing policy.

Give Turn a try. From an avid television watcher, it is one of the better ones out there.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My OITNB Season 3 Episodes 8-13 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

I'm not gonna lie, I sped through the last episodes of OITNB. Here are my thoughts on the rest of season 3.

Episodes 8 & 9 were so boring. Suzanne is writing porn and the prison is interested in it. No kidding. Nothing is going on in their lives and like all things in life, a little spark will go a long way. There was momentary interest in Alex and Lolly, but of course, that fizzles into nothing, like all OITNB storylines.

Episode 10 was by far the best episode between 8-13. Its highlighted character was Pennsatucky. This was by far the most heartfelt episode. You really ached for her. Her upbringing, the expectations of her, what she thought were the regular rules of life -- just from what she was told, observed, and dealt -- was just gut-wrenching. You could see her exploitation, her resolve, and her despair. The best line was "I'm just sad". That's what you felt for her in the final rape scene in the van. It was just so sad what was happening, had happened, and what was expected of her. Of course you are angry, but when she stops fighting and just resolves herself to the situation, who didn't want to scoop her up and hug and hold her. Big Boo did that without the physical contact. Big Boo just wanted to make it better for Pennsatucky. The big bad butch trying to save the tiny little girl -- exploited for her frailty, her hope, her upbringing, and her naivety. Bog Boo was written excellently in this episode. The tough woman who ultimately didn't know what to do. That episode stayed with me the rest of the night.

Episodes 11 & 12 were only good because of the relationship with Boo and Pennsatucky. I loved again, that line about "I'm just sad". Really, that is what it comes down to. She is sad for it all. Everything. Her upbringing, her gender, her hope -- yes. She can be sad about her hope. She just hoped this one guy would be good to her, and when it is squashed, you watch the horribleness of it all wash over her and drain her.

I also liked Sophia and Gloria. Sophia holding her head high, knowing ultimately she was being punished for a crime against her. The message being stated that if she was not transexual, there wouldn't be a problem. It was a good scene. The pain that Gloria felt over the situation getting out of hand was good, but the dilemma of still not saying anything to remedy the situation.

Overall, I just feel like a 13 episode season was completely unnecessary. I feel like Netflix is trying to get money out of their viewers. That entire season could have been consolidated into 6 episodes. I felt like nothing really happened. I don't know more or care more about any of the characters besides Big Boo and Pennsatucky. The interesting thing is, they even made Piper completely uninteresting. A kingpin? Who gives a shit. Alex? Meh. Killed? Don't care. Flaca? Don't care. I sort of care about Caputo and Sophia, but like .... 60%.

They need to do a better job at character development if they want to continue. Honestly? If this was not on Netflix, and a person had to continue to commit week to week, this show would fail. The only reason people will watch the entire season is a shrug and a click.

What do you think?

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Monday, July 13, 2015

My OITNB Season 3 Episodes 5, 6, & 7 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

photoshop much?
This blog is made possible thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC. It enabled me to get a blog for super cheap - less than one dollar. That allowed me to write about stuff that I enjoy, which is television. But, at only $0.99, you can blog about whatever you like!

Now for my OITNB thoughts on episodes 5, 6, & 7.

If it is any inclination how this season is going, it's the fact that I didn't feel like recapping until I had watched 3 episodes.

They are just so blah.

I would stop watching if I were you. I am going to keep watching b/c I'm writing this blog and I want to see it through.

Episode 5 was mostly about Flaca's back story. She apparently finds herself in jail, tried as an adult in high school, for selling fake LSD to kids. She gets charged mostly because one of the kids she sells to, again, it's fake LSD, think's he is high and jumps off the school.

Perhaps his parents should have been more worried about why their kid felt so much pressure than the fake drugs. I am assuming it is a commentary on race relations as well, seeing as Flaca is Latino and perhaps that plays more of a role in her sentencing because the boy who jumps is white. I could see the show going there, but I wasn't impressed.

Oh, and Alex thinks her old crime boss is trying to kill her in prison. I kind of care about this, but so not really.

Episode 6 was centered around Chang. I actually liked this episode. I liked hearing the backstory about Chang. I am certain she did far worse things than what happened to her would be lover. I thought that was kind of cool. It was the only one that had a little bit of nuance to it. I like how she is quite, but she did bad things when she was younger. Much like the Russian chemotherapy patient. That was a cool backstory that carried over into the present time in jail. Other than that Piper decides that she is going to try and sell dirty underwear on the internet with her brother, Alex, and a guard's help. I read on line that Piper is flirting with an Australian inmate. Um, if that's what flirting is, that is a gross exaggeration.

Episode 7 is mostly about nothing. Suzanne is writing science fiction porn to some people's interest and other's disgust. Red gets back in the kitchen only to find out that from now on, meals will be in large heat up bags. Oh, well. Norma, the mute, has her backstory revealed in a boring and pathetic way. She was a hippie and finally after many years of following the loser, kills him because he won't stop making fun of her when he is venting his frustrations about his miserable existence.

Overall, I'm not so thrilled with this season. I feel like why I, and others, are still watching is only out of some weird respect to what the show once was and could be. I thought things would be better now that Jason Biggs was gone -- which I'm still grateful for, but the show is still lacking.

Who knows? Maybe my next blog post will just sum up the season. I can't see myself being overjoyed to dissect each episode like I was with say a Breaking Bad, TWD, or Mad Men.

Take care all!