Monday, March 2, 2015

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This week's episode of The Walking Dead was titled "Remember".

I loved this episode.

Honestly, isn't our favorite character hands down Carol? I mean, seriously. She is amazing. Her story arc has far been the best. I love, love, loved in this episode how she protrayed herself as the weak grandmotherly type! She is smart as a whip! She was playing possum as Daryl was skinning one! My favorite was the progression from fumbling with her gun and then up-leveling to wearing the grandma sweater.

Michonne outright accepting this community really bothers me. If there was slight more trepidation it would be much more believable - more like Maggie. Maggie wants the community, but she's not blindly going on and accepting it. I do like the fact that Daryl does not like it and won't hide it. He's not going to hide who he is, and that very well may cost him. Sure, the show isn't going to kill him off, but it will put him in serious danger.

I'm fascinated by the young lady. I wonder what her story is.

I also wonder what hair stylist's story is. I just don't see how in this world, these people never came across someone who wanted to take their community.

I loved the fact that Carl felt uncomfortable playing video games. At first, I thought he was so young when the zombie world started that he didn't know how to play video games. However, I did gather, after the fact, that he just felt uneasy about the level of carefree attitude these young boys displayed. Carl liked the idea of school, some normalcy, but playing video games denotes a whole other level of comfort. This contrast was well played out with Carl's interview. The spectrum between what Carl has had to do, kill his own mom, and these boys, is vastly different. 

I also liked the fact that Carl and Rick wound up in the same place, the abandoned house, and fought together. This father and son duo has come along way.

It sure is a mystery, that gun gone missing.

There is clearly a threat out there that the 800k community knows about; everyone is looking for something to keep them alive, per Rick. Rick's group is just that saving grace.

As for the Senator, or whatever her governmental title was, she is either lying and staging the whole scouting group, or she really is grateful that Glen knocked her son on his ass.  If I was his mom, I'd be grateful, too. If her son is the only thing keeping them safe, I'd go for outside help as well. Not only that, he is going to get himself, or someone else killed, for that, he does deserve a good ass-whipping.

Plus, how cool was it that Glen totally knew he could take the guy and showed such restraint. Now, that was good writing.

Can't wait for next week!

Monday, February 23, 2015

My The Oscars Thoughts blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler99

my best dressed
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So, I throw an Oscars party every year, but couldn't this year because of unforeseen circumstances. All I'm really trying to say with this is that I love the Oscars. 

Well, usually; I did not love them, or like them this year. 

First off, NPH was terrible. He wasn't funny, and he seemed to drag. There were lengthily pauses while he seemed to collect himself to read the next cue cards. It was so bizarre. 

Plus, one of the reasons we all love NPH so much is he seems to be a genuinely nice guy and always in good spirits. Why did he seem so mean-spirited last night? So odd. 

Maybe it was just me, but every part of the ceremony seemed to drag. Even just the presenters walking to the podium or opening the winner cards. It just seemed to drag. The whole production of the Oscars was terrible ...

Even the music! I felt like the band was out of sync too. It seemed right when they started to play, which was always too loud and too up tempo, that they were abruptly stopped. It was so weird. 

I really didn't love any of the movies this year. I must admit, I was really, really pulling for Michael Keaton, just because I love his body of work. I, like most people, were really happy to see him make a good movie. He's fantastic, and deserves to be in the spotlight. 

However, his acting was not particularly amazing. It was really good, maybe not Oscar worthy, so I can see why the young fellow from The Theory of Everything won. He did a great acting job; however, if this was a popularity contest, I'm pretty sure Michael Keaton would have won. He should do more comedies, like Beetlejuice. He was so good in that. I mean, honestly, what would you rather watch 100 times over, The Theory of Everything, or Beetlejuice? I rest my case. 

I liked Boyhood, I would have liked to have seen it win for something other that best supporting actress. Plus, how did Patricia Arquette get in a category for best supporting? Who, if not her, was the lead? That was random. 

Best moments of the night was the dude shunned by the orchestra, only to completely ignore them, and for one brief instance, the orchestra stopped. Pretty awesome. However, he then ran on a bit too long. 

Lady Gaga -- amazing. 

I loved Michael Keaton at the podium when Birdman won for best picture. Super classy. Love him. Come back to us, Michael Keaton ... come back to us. 

Oh, I liked the Lego movie song. That was fun. 

Magic box? Stupid. 

I liked the Whiplash best support actor guys acceptance speech. That was good. I don't need to hear people thank 1000 people I don't know. Besides, when you do that, chances are, you are leaving someone out. 

A negative for me, and other television cord-cutters is that you could only stream the Oscars if you have
a cable subscription AND are in one of the 8 markets that ABC contracts with. A bunch of shit if you ask me. I had to watch the Oscars this morning and go on a total media blackout. Thanks stupid ABC. I put you int he category of shit stations right along with CBS and their Grammy shit-show. Get in the modern timeframe already. Seriously. 

Well, there is always next year. Well, and the year after that. Let's give Michael Keaton a year to make a movie so he can then win in 2017. 

Until then, I'll be watching Mr. Mom. 

P.S., apparently, this post is more about my love for Michael Keaton than the Oscars. That's okay; apparently, I am not alone. The internet is bubbling over with Michael Keaton accolades. All very well deserved. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

My The Walking Dead Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon sigler99

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This week's episode of The Walking Dead was called: "Them".

It was a really good episode in my opinion. I'm so glad to have TWD back this season, especially since the writing this season has been so fantastic.

The show basically starts off with the group trying to find basic food and water. I was wondering when this would be more of an issue and I appreciate the writers addressing that this type of scenario would come up.

Everyone in the Scooby gang are tired and weak. Lots of characters are internally debating how, why, and if to go on. Some are dealing with anger overwhelming them, like Sasha; others, like Daryl, are quietly eating themselves alive with guilt, sorrow, and despair. What is the right response? Is there a right response? I thought that, while they didn't delve into what the right response was, highlighting the fact that the responses from the individuals in the group would vary, and some might be more right than others was really great.

However, with everyone walking down the side of the road dragging their feet and looking generally finished was a bit overacting. It was too much. Poor directing of the actors there.

I did really like the scene with the pack of dogs. The fact is, at this point in the world, there is not much difference between the fight of the pack of dogs, and the fight of our human group. If you really wanted to get deep, it's the general breakdown of society and evolution. Dogs are domesticated because humans provide a better overall evolutionary outcome for dogs. We provide them with food, water, and shelter -- they evolved to become our pets because it best served them. In this apocalyptic world, we are no longer providing for them, and the chain is breaking.

For those that thought it was too much, I offer this. I am a huge dog lover, but in the very beginning of the series, we see Rick's horse eaten by the walkers. That scene was much, much more tragic than this.

As for the dogs, my only complaint is that I don't think a pack of dogs would go after such a large group of humans. That's just a small complaint though. It would have been much cooler to see five or seven dogs coming after Daryl when he is in the woods by himself.

At this point though, still no water. Church dude is all forsaken God at this point, which on most people wouldn't seem wishy-washy, but on this guy, it does. Then, as if a mirage, there is a bunch of water left in the road. Also, this water is left there after a weird editor's cut of the show. All of the sudden there is just a note. Everyone's like, we can't drink it. Uh, no shit. Water, just randomly left in the middle of the road, like -- here friend. What? No way. Like a million times, no way do you drink that.

I know people think it's more cannibals. It's not. That would be too much. Yet, whatever the threat may be, it is most definitely a threat.

I do like the fact that science guy is the one who wants to do a quality test. He should. He has some severe penance to do for his trickery. I did like the fact that red-beard slapped it out of his hands and mouth; as if to say, don't be an idiot-asshole, and I've still got the need to protect you because it's engrained in my being at this point, well, you know, after I beat you to a pulp. This does bear the question, how fast does science guy heal?

Then, it just rains.

Um, okay.

Letting that one go (especially since there were like two clouds in the sky when Rick looked up and made that awesomely captain obvious statement that it would rain sooner or later ... yeah, save for the fact that you could be dead by then),  they get some water, except that the weather is pretty fierce, so they need to find shelter.

Okay, then.

They go to a barn and get all comfy. Here is where I couldn't tell if when the zombies are outside it's a dream sequence or really happening. I had to watch Talking Dead to get the answer. Thank you Chris, you are a great host now after some growing pains. On a side note, I did really like seeing Sam on the Talking Dead show. I'd hang with him.

The show ends with Sasha and Maggie having some bonding time over their grief, which, as always is interrupted by more pressing matters like a very well-bathed man walking up to the gals.

I don't know about you, but I would not trust this guy.

Remember the scene from Men In Black, where Will Smith is doing his entrance exam, and he shoots the poster of a young girl amongst all the poster aliens. The higher-up people ask why? He says, to paraphrase, because she is in the hood, walking at night by herself, and that is sketchy. Same thing here.

I'm very much looking forward to next week.

See ya all then.

Monday, February 9, 2015

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Last night, my friend called me and wanted to chat about an online dating site that she was using. We talked a bit about the boys who were messaging her, what they looked like, and shared pictures back and forth. It was really, really fun.

At one point, she asked me, are you watching the Grammys?

I said no, but if she told me what channel it was on, I would. She wanted me to check out Madonna, and I wanted to see. It would be one more way to hang out, watching the Grammys, even though we couldn't be in the same town.

However, I live in San Diego and have zero money. I can't afford cable so I bought a pretty decent antenna and I can get NBC and FOX. I can't get ABC or CBS. I guess no one in San Diego can get a signal for CBS.

So I went to CBS's website to live stream it. They would not let me live stream it.

It is so irritating.

CBS also does not partner with Xfinity/Comcast on their streaming service. CBS is so greedy, they want you to purchase some type of expanded streaming coverage for more money a month.

I refuse.

If I want to watch a program on CBS, I have to wait a full week for them to make it available. That's ridiculous. Have you seen their program lineup? I wouldn't be so unwilling to let people watch your shows for free.

Even AMC, one of the best cable networks around, lets you watch their shows the next day. If you don't recall, they make Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and, previously, Breaking Bad. They will be putting out Better Call Saul, and if it's made by the same people, which it is, it ought to be really good.

Who could even compare AMC to CBS?

So back to the Grammys. It's not such a big deal for a program, honestly, I don't watch any of their shows except Big Bang, and I can fully wait a week to see that.

It's a much bigger deal when it is a live event. Like NFL. Also, as was the case last night, the Grammys.

I know they have advertising problems, in regards to cable versus online, and businesses are trying to navigate those issues, but the world needs to catch up. Advertising can just as easily be sold online for a live streaming event as it can watching it through cable.

Shame on CBS. That was just ridiculous.

I would have liked to have shared that event with my friend. CBS, you created a situation where two longtime friends of ten years were unable to share the Grammys together.

Shame on you and your greed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My NFL Big Game Thoughts blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler99

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The Big Game this Sunday was amazing. It really is a lot nicer to watch a game when your team isn't in it! I could actually enjoy a really great game of football!

And great football it was. That game has to go down as one of the best games I have ever seen. Both teams were evenly matched. It was truly chess meets brute force. Determination was not a factor. Both teams, unlike the Packers a few weeks before, played with the mentality that they needed to -- everything was on the line.

Truly, the game came down to a very, very lucky play by Kearse with less than a minute. The way that ball magically dropped in his lap ... just nuts!

That poor man who defended him did it beautifully. He knocked down the ball, only to have the great misfortune of the ball landing right in Seattle's stomach.

No fear, young man, because you will go on to save your Patriots on the most important drive of the game.

Butler intercepted Wilson on the 1 yard line. He changed what was going to be a Seattle Super Bowl victory.

I just read that Brady wants to give Butler the truck he won as MVP; Brady should. Tom certainly doesn't need it and Butler certainly deserves it. Brady would not be MVP unless Butler had made that play.


I liked halftime. I thought Katy Perry did a good job and that's coming from someone who simply hates Katy Perry. She can't sing, she can't dance, and her songs are made for a 4 year old.

What she gets all my accolades for is knowing that you should
always, always have Missy Elliot perform -- even if it highlights how talentless you are.

Best commercial, by far, of the night was the 911 call. That pretty much stopped everyone in their tracks. It was a very good commercial, and, from what I hear, a true story.

We all also agree that we would love to play in a real-life version of Pac Man.

Overall, this was one memorable Sunday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My NFL Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon sigler99

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This week I will be talking very briefly about the "deflategate" issue.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it. The thing is that it had no impact on the Colts game. You don't win by that large of a margin based on the inflation of the ball. I don't care how many PSI's there are, or, are not in the ball.

The larger scope of it is that I read an article stating that starting in 2007, the Patriots had a large statistical difference in the numbers of fumbles that they had. The statistics were so large of a difference, it is really hard to dispel that something wasn't going on. Now, if that is in relation to them changing pressure in the ball, that is the real story. However, I have not heard that this is what the NFL is going after.

Because of this, the NFL needs to wrap this up. The Super Bowl is this Sunday and the Patriots are having to deal with this scandal at a time that is very ill-timed. They need to be focusing all of their attention on the big game, not this.

Another point of order is that it will probably just be a fine. Marshawn Lynch has been extensively fined this season for a numerous array of things, from crotch grabbing, to not speaking with the media, and, almost, for not wearing league approved shoes. If that is the case, and there is only a fine, then just make it happen already.

As for the timing of it, that's what really bothers me. All of this is such a distraction and the NFL is dragging their feet. Whether or not you believe Belichick in his conference is a moot point. The point is, the Patriots did an internal investigation and found their results. Why is it the league can not do their own investigation in a timely matter? Resolve this already. If the Patriots do lose in the Super Bowl, myself, and others, will point to this distraction.

I'm not saying that the Patriots shouldn't be punished if it truly is found that they tampered with footballs. However, I think that this is getting out of control and too big of a distraction for what is a very huge deal in the football world, what everyone works toward, and what all fans cheer their teams on for the Super Bowl.

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Packers versus Seahawks Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon sigler99

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If you are a Packers fan, like I am, you're still in shock. You wouldn't let yourself get excited after the first half. No. There was way too much football left.

Then, there was the third quarter. No, we didn't score any points in the quarter, but the only touchdown we allowed Seattle was on special teams.

I started to let myself smile a little bit. Going into the fourth quarter, I was feeling very cautiously optimistic.

We opened the fourth quarter with a field goal (really, the GB MVP of the game was Mason Crosby). I was a bit nervous, so many field goals.

Our defense held somewhat well and after a 4 minute drive; Seattle had to punt.

Sadly, we went three and out.

I was nervous. How did we not capitalize on running the clock down? That drive only took 1:40 seconds off the clock. Were we going to mess this up?

Then, a miracle. We intercepted the Hawks! We actually got the ball back with only 5:04 left on the clock.

Then our team took a collective dump.

We somehow managed to go three and out, handing the ball off to Lacy each time for losses of yards. What were we thinking? On third down, we need to move the chains. Why not put the ball in the hands of the MVP candidate?

We gave the ball back to Seattle.

They score.


Onside kick time.

I'm not even worried that Bostick let the ball right through his hands, essentially missing the opportunity to close out the game with a Packers win. Shit happens.

They score again and our defense can't stop them.

Then, to me, the ultimate fail. On a broken two point conversion, Wilson somehow manages to get the ball off. It hangs in the air for what seems to be an eternity. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix watched it. He made no attempt to go for the ball. To bat it down. Nothing.

That is why we lost the game. Everyone can leave poor Bostick alone. He is a tight end and why McCarthy put him in there made no sense. Plus, those plays are such a mess, it's anyone's shot.

We lost the game because in the last five minutes of the game our offense could not get anything done. I honestly don't care about the field goals instead of touchdowns in the first quarter. What it really came down to was motivation. With five minutes left we were so afraid of losing our lead that we did nothing to ensure that Seattle did not get the ball back.

Our offense has been so killer all year long and we got away from our identity. That was dumb.

Our defense had a mental lapse at the end. Sadly, that is also Dom capers fault. Also, why on Earth after pressuring Russell Wilson the entire game did we let up off of the gas peddle. It worked. The man through 4 interceptions. Not sure why you move away from that.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Bend not break defense mentalities do not win games. They certainly do not win championship games.

I'm not sure how we come back from this. I don't think that we will fire Dom Capers as we played well enough to make it to the NFC Championship game and won the game for 4 3/4 of the game.

Our season next year will be tough. Chicago cleaned house and now has Coach Fox. The Vikings are well on their way to being a good football team. The Lions, they have it in them to win games. Our division plays the NFC West again this year. Yikes.

We need to do better. This was our shot this year and we blew it. The Colts clearly didn't deserve to win. They didn't blow it. They just lost.

We blew it and there is a huge difference.

Until next year.