Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's February and I watched Along Came Polly My review courtesy of GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

Love her!
I do love a good chick flick!  Godaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC, I'm going to sell you on Frozen!

Think about it, there are so many reasons for chick flicks not to work, and yet they do. Predictable, probably well know tropes, and totally sappy. I think they work because we love love.

My spoiler free review:

The short: On Reuben's honeymoon, he catches his wife, Lisa, sleeping with a scuba diver. After returning from a horrible honeymoon, Reuben runs into an old classmate named Polly. Reuben falls into love with Polly. 

The Long: Reuben is not one to take risks. When he and Polly start to date, his life becomes filled with complete chaos and he starts taking a lot of risks. When Lisa, his x-wife, returns from her honeymoon, Reuben is forced to take a risk and decide which girl is more important to him. 

I really love how Polly is known to date bad guys.. Reuben is a big softy and Polly has to adjust to his ways of living compared to hers. The adjustment 
between them is really funny. My favorite characters are Reuben's mom and dad. They are just like Reuben and worry a LOT. You see where Reuben gets his worrying from. 

I would recommend this movie for anyone who likes romantic movies with a little comedy. This movie is definitely a chick flick that anyone would enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Frozen review time! GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC brings you my review.

Let it go! Thanks to our Godaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC, I'm going to sell you on Frozen!

I loved Frozen and I love how many little tendrils into real life Frozen has made! I love all the YouTube videos of tiny girls singing Let It Go at the top of their lungs!

My spoiler free review:

The Short: Elsa is born with powers that makes her able to freeze things. She gets too out of control with her powers and accidentally freezes her sister, Anna's heart. But only true love can melt Anna's heart. 

Let it go!
The Long: Elsa and Anna are sisters. At a young age, Elsa accidentally hits Anna in the head with her magic and is forced to hide the powers. Later in the story, Elsa can not take hiding her magical powers anymore and leaves to go to the mountains where she can be free. Elsa ends up making her city a snowy mess and her sister, a frozen heart. The only one who can save Anna is her true love. 

I really love the message that this movie sends. It is that a girl doesn't need a man to be happy. The whole movie is very dramatic but very exciting. My favorite character is Olaf because of his great attitude and his songs. 

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes silly humor or Disney Movies. Frozen has a great message and it is a movie for the whole family!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

So, I watched "Sisters" GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC brings you my review.

See this one soon!
Sometimes I love the movies I review. Sometimes I don't. Either way, thanks to our Godaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC, I'm going to tell you all about it.

First things first: So far, this new year has been rough on the Creatives. Losing Bowie will take until Arbor Day to actually even understand, but then losing Rickman the same week. Balls.

I did go see Sisters. It was funnier than it could have been, but not as funny as it should have been. It's also fun and awesome in a lot of ways. And if you are an 80's baby, you should see this flick.

But, honestly, I wish it had been written by Fey and Pohler, instead of just starred them. I love Amy Pohler beyond reason a little, so that would have been awesome.

My spoiler free review:

The short: Fun movie, fine for a rental.

The longer: It's hard to see Tina Fey's character as someone I might know. Amy Pohler's? Hells yes. But Tina Fey's is a bit too far removed.

They both look great and their looks are so dynamic I am totally in love. I really love that they look like "normal people" when they're doing the workaday stuff, but then when they get dressed for the party they're so smokin' hot. I like to think that's me when I do it up and dress up to go out.

If I were you I'd wait for the DVD. It's fun, but probably more fun at home so you can hop up and dance. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

I saw "The Big Short" and have things to say! My review, courtesy of GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

See this one soon!
Find out if I loved it or hated it (spoiler: loved it) by reading my review on "The Big Short" thanks to our Godaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

First things first: Happy New Year to you! I hope everyone had a good vacation there at the end of the year. I had a little time off, which was great, and got caught up on a lot of work too. All good things!

On one of my days off, I went to see "The Big Short."  It's a movie about the 2008 housing collapse and following worldwide financial crisis.  I know that sounds uber depressing and hard, and it was, don't get me wrong. It's awful to see terrible people being terrible, and it's even worse knowing it's based on a true story we all had to live through.

That said, it's also great. Easy to understand VERY hard concepts, by the movie makers creative use of breaking the fourth wall. Even Selena Gomez is in it!

My spoiler free review:

The short: My short on The Big Short is very short: yes, you should see it.

The longer: Very difficult to understand subject matter made easy, and entertaining. That's no small feat, and yet exactly what this movie does. You learn so much you didn't know and probably won't remember too clearly in a week!

It's an examination of the failing of the housing market in the US in 2008, and the people who saw the fail coming and bet against it in the stock market. And those people are the good guys, I promise you!

I'd go see it if I were you and had time, because of the stellar cast, but you can wait and see this one on Netflix too. No NEED to see it on the big screen. Just more fun that way.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Look, I am only going to squee, but still, I thank GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP which gets you 30% off your entire order of new products only. 

Go see The Force Awakens, as if you need to be told. GO SEE IT. It is awesome!

I normally review horror on this blog, but I'm also 44 years old, so I'm totally invested in The Force Awakens, so I am reviewing that too. Deal with it.

All the things you always wanted in a sequel, now you have it. Poe, Finn, Rey, and BB-8 are all here to serve whatever fulfillment you need. And how.

My spoiler free review:

The short: Oooooh, it's all that, I totally swear. I'm not kidding and yes, I saw one, two, and three.

The longer: I'm afraid to spoil, so I'll say, YES, this is the movie I was hoping for. It's lovingly honorable compared to four, five, and six. It's original, lovely, sassy and good. And BB-8 is made of magic.

You learn enough to make it worth it and you learn enough to know you were sated all along. It's awesome.

See it. Cheer for Rey. Yay for girls in the lead. We need more of that, I promise. Good for all of us.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Here's why I love Let The Right One In, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP

For giving me space to write this early December review, big thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP which gets you 30% off your entire order of new products only. 

I like horror movies as much as the next gal, but sometimes they're pretty cheesy. And there's a time and a place for that, but it's not my very favorite.

Earlier on this blog I reviewed "It Follows" and that was more a psychological thriller. I do love a good horror thriller, and this one was okay, but a bit too nonsensical.

Which brings me to Let the Right One In. In so many ways, the perfect horror movie. Thrilling, subtle, and with great horror scenes, this is one of the best horror movies in the last decade, if not one of the best horror movies period.

My spoiler free review:

The short: Oskar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl.

The longer: It's hard to say much without spoiling, but I'll say that Oskar is lonely and clever and good, and he's unfairly picked on by his classmates.  Then he meets Eli, and she's lonely and clever and not picked on. And first they are friends, and then they are best friends, and then life goes on. Well, for Oskar, and for Eli too, in her way. 

It's dark and sad and also funny and smart, this film.  And most of the horror takes place off-screen, and I promise you it doesn't matter one lick that you don't see the gore and blood.

If you haven't seen it, make sure to see the original (movie poster above) and not the US remake. The original will tear your heart out and you'll be thankful that it does. It's that good.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I'm watching The Leftovers. Want to know why? My thoughts, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP

My mid-November review of The Leftovers, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP which gets you 30% off your entire order of new products only. 

Listen, I didn't watch Lost. And the reason I didn't is that I watched the pilot and thought "they're in Purgatory." (Spoiler alert!) Turns out, they were in Purgatory for many seasons, as were many of the viewers who waited and watched for something more.

The Leftovers is produced by the same guy, and while I'm still watching, I'm starting to think all he does is purgatory stories.

My spoiler free review for the series (so far):

The short: One crazy day, 2% of the world's population is "departed" and disappear. No cause detected, no answers as to why some were taken and some remain. Chaos ensues, as does miracle seeking.

The longer: Well, there's not a lot more to say than what I've said above without spoilers, but here's something:  Kevin Garvey has retired and moved with Nora Durst and his daughter Jill to the Jarden, Texas, a town untouched by The Departure. Also coming to town are Matt Jamison who has moved with his wife, Mary.

I think they might somehow be in purgatory. Again with the purgatory. It's not they they didn't get Departed, it's that they're not yet moved over into the other side. They're waiting in a place that looks like home, but doesn't feel like home. 

I'm not sure if I'm staying with 'em or not, honestly. It's getting like a lot of meandering story and not a lot of payoff. Which we've seen end poorly before. We'll see.