Monday, July 28, 2014

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This week I watched season seven episode 6 of True Blood.

I very much enjoyed it. I really like the fact that they have so much Eric and Pam together again. They are truly a dynamic duo. Watching them play off of each other in the room with the cowboy was great. You really do get the sense that they have known each other, and have appreciate each other, forever.

It was very touching the scenes with Sookie, Jessica, Jason, and Bill. I know they weren't together, but it shows what a family they are. Relying on each other, leaning on each other, even holding each other. It was very, very sweet.

The scenes with Bill in the waiting room were great. The isolation, the loneliness, the feeling of not getting anywhere with your doctor -- or lawyer in this case. It was very well done. People really do prey on the misfortunate and I could definitely related to Bill wanting to stab the lady in the heart.

I knew that was coming with Sara.

I couldn't quite hear what the note said between Jason and his vampire girlfriend, but it couldn't be good.

I can't wait for next week.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

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What an excellent episode of True Blood this week! Much better than last.

First off, how much do we all love Pam! I swear, every scene she is in, she steals. That dress she was in at the end of the show was amazing! I'm surprised she liked it though. It had quite a bit of sparkle.

This episode deals a bit more with the relationships that everyone is in. I liked the interplay between all the characters and their thoughts on love, loss, and how to continue.

I liked that Lafayette finally stuck up for himself.

I liked the fact the Jessica and Jason might be together. I hope that the lady vampire doesn't rip one of their heads off.

I'm glad that Sookie didn't do something or say something stupid that would offend Alcide's dad. Plus, I love Alcide's dad.

I'm not sure where this whole Bill Compton thing is going. Do you guys? He is spending a lot of time thinking about when he was alive. Is this going somewhere?

Good reveal at the end.

I liked the touching moment between Pan and Eric. Those two are great together. Plus, what a great shot of Eric sitting on his throne. Once a strong vampire, now he is weak. Great shot.

I wonder if Sara will be able to come up with a way to save the vampires. Could be redeeming?

I have to say, I was so pleased with the episode this week that I am actually looking forward to the next one for a change!

Oh, and poor Ginger. Used and abused until the end.

See y'all (as Sookie would say) next week.

Monday, July 14, 2014

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True blood this week was actually very good. You know, it's a funny thing. Shows are all the same. Whether it be a medical drama, lawyer show, or perhaps an airplane falling out of the sky, the same thing makes them good. Characters. How the characters interact. This week, we finally got some good interactions.

We start off with Jason and Sookie having to tell Alcide's father and Hoyt about the deaths to their respective loved ones. Sookie, heartless as ever, seems a bit cold. Jason on the other hand had the much tougher job. It's as if he had to call into the abyss, to a loved one he lost, and tell him about his mom's death. It was touching.

Of course, naturally, we get the backstory to Ginger, which, although I didn't know I wanted it, I was glad they delivered. That's house you do an 80's/90's flashback. With some context. Excellent.

Pam had probably the best quote she has had ever in the show.

Then we get to oh so drab Bill. He tells Sookie he owes her everything. Does he? I think Bill owes a lot of people a lot of stuff. Why just Sookie? And, what, actually did she DO for him? I think the show thinks better of it's writing then the actual writing allows.

Pam's relationship with Eric is always good. They have perfectly written those two together. They stand by each other, always. It's not just Eric to Pam, but both ways. It's fun watching them enjoy each other a little bit. Eric smiling over just what a bitch Pam was to Ginger was awesome to see.

Pam has got to be one of my favorite characters. I really can't say that she has ever been in a bad scene.

Pam warns Bill that Sookie will never be back with him. I like it. I don't want those two together at all.

Then in walks Eric (to the little gathering of the rebel army or what not), and Sookie runs to him. Is it the writing? Is it the actor? I don't know. But it worked. The moment between them was so touching. It was more than we've gotten from Sookie to Alcide all season. The smelling of the hair to start it off to the stroking of her hair later. Such a small detail, but conveys so much. A delicate love between them. A caring that goes beyond the sex in the show.

Now I will give Sookie and Anna Paquin their just deserves when it came to the Arlene scene. Yes. That was good. Yes, actual emotion was conveyed. It looked believable. It looked legit. It helped so much put some legitimacy back into her character, and, for that matter, he legitimacy as an actor.

Lafayette. Oh, dear. I love him too. One did have the sense he truly didn't get over his boyfriend yet. Nor have we. Here's to hoping for love and absolution for Lafayette at some point in this show.

One final thought, isn't Sookie's blood supposed to be so awesome? Isn't that why Bill was after it from the four fairy kids from before? If fairy blood can make vampires stand out in the daylight, couldn't it help heal vamp hep v? Or was it some weird combination with Lilyth Bill?

Who knows, but I think it's worth a shot? Then Sookie can be with Eric. If that does not happen, then honestly, end the show.

Until next week!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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I only show pics of Joe M
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So, then there was this week's True Blood.

Honestly, what were they trying to do? Be Sophie's Choice? I didn't see Meryl Streep in the show's credits.

The whole thing was a mess.

This season's plot line is horrendous. It's like they aren't even trying anymore. Who cares about this band of vigilantes. I don't. I spent more time on spell-check for vigilante than I did caring about that plot line.

At least someone finally killed Hoyt's mom.

I honestly could care less about stupid Jason's vampire girlfriend. She's annoying no matter who or what she is. Get rid of her.

Do the writers actually think we care about Sookie and Bill getting back together? I'm not going down that road again. They had their chance with the whole Bill and Eric triangle, only to have her walk away from both. Nope. Not gonna do it again.

I won't even talk about Alcide. Really? There are no words. I'm not sad. How could I be? The writing is so terrible that this season, they just make him whining all the time and yelling at Sookie. Not that she doesn't deserve it. Still. His plot line has been terrible for awhile. Think back to the whole pack-wolf thing. So bloody stupid.

Oh, and while I am on it, can Sam and Alcide stop morphing into their respective canine counterparts and meeting up naked? It's just getting weird at this point. If they were gay ... great! Yet, they are not, and now someone needs to explain to them about manners.

Right now, the only thing I am enjoying about the show is the flashbacks to the confederate Bill and the civil war. And that's only because my favorite part of history is the reconstruction period.

I honestly don't even care about this show anyone. Which is sad. It used to be so good. Oh, I do like the chance at Lafayette having happiness. He is a favorite character of almost everyone. He deserves to get a little happiness. They have not really utilized him this season, besides being high on his couch. Maybe a bit more Lafayette would help.

I think that's it. One of the things that was good about this show was it's humor. It is entirely humorless right now. You can't count Eric's 80's hair.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

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True Blood last night opened with a "gay" sex scene. We were all supposed to get our panties wet over the situation.

It's tired.

I'm not gay, but I have a lot of friends who are. It's beginning to become insulting to gay people that the only way it's okay to have gay sex on screen is if it's in the form of a dream. Even before I spoke to my friends about it, I had already felt the same way. I rolled my eyes at the beginning of the scene. I was like, yup, this will all be a dream.

Then, after speaking with them, I realized it's almost verging on insulting, if not already insulting. It's subliminal. Sex between two dudes is okay, but only in a dream, not if it were actually for REAL. Time to step up to the plate True Blood. We watched Jason have pretty explicit sex with his vamp woman, so  graphic sex is not out of the question.

As for the plot line, Sookie is also so tired. You know what? If I were Alcide, I'd dump her ass. She runs to Bill about everything. I also don't care anymore about any of her relationships after the one season where Sookie has to choose between Eric and Bill. And she chooses neither? Nope. Not good enough True Blood writers. That was ├╝ber annoying.

My overall impression of the show? Meh.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

My "True Blood Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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True Blood is back on. While I'm happy to be visiting with old friends again, it seems a little blah.

First of all, there is a big blood bath in the beginning. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't really tell what was going on with all of the speedy vampire movements and such. I had no idea who was being killed, who was who, and what was happening. There was no time for my brain to catch up with what it was seeing.

Maybe that's what they were going for, you know, due to the Tara thing. They say she is dead, but did we really see it? Did she run away? And didn't it seem like some higher up whistled for everyone to stop and return to the ranks?

Then we get Sookie. Poor, poor, Sookie. Who cares. She's all upset because somehow everyone is blaming her. First off, really? Why is this her fault? Seems like a bit of a stretch to me that somehow everything bad that has happened in Bon Temps is her fault. Wasn't Fangtasia already there when the show opened? It's not like she sent out invitations across the globe to vampires to come to her small, hick town to invade it and nest there?

Then there is Jason. I have zero desire or care about his relationship. While he is great eye-candy on the show, his plot line is ridiculous.

Back to Sookie. She's gonna be mad at Joe M for thinking that they should have left Bon Temps when they had the chance? That's hardly a negative thought. They SHOULD have left Bon Temps. That place is crazy. Plus, just on a human scale, why are they still there? I'd be pissed if she wanted to stay because of vampire Bill. I know, I know. That's her family house she is in. Her brother lives there. Tara the Terrible lives there. But, maybe it's kinda time, huh?

Jessica is still as beautiful as ever. Still looking for a friend in the world. I did like her plot line this week. That was good.

I do look forward to where this season will take us. I also kind of look forward to it being the last season, mainly so that it will wrap up some storylines and maybe give us a somehwat decent resolution to the series.

Oh, and maybe kill Sookie off. I'd love an end scene where they all sit around the kitchen table and was like, why did we ever bother with that girl!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

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Wow! What a season finale of GoT!

I'm going to focus this blog on Tyrion. Peter Dinkalage is amazing. Simply amazing. If he doesn't win an Emmy this year, I'm pretty sure the entire thing is rigged.


His entire performance was spectacular. His hug with Jaime felt so perfect. So honest. So NEEDED.

When he walks into the room with Shea there, it was brutal. It was the ultimate betrayal. Not only did she go against him in court, she went against him with his own father. She became the whore he defended her as not being. She was one of the only people he loved, who he felt loved by. Feeling loved by Tyrion is his ultimate need. He does not give his trust freely, and she shit all over it. The only reason he sent her away to begin with was to protect her, because he actually loved her. Ugh. Awful!

The, the one man he strives to be respected by, to be loved by, to be accepted by, sleeps with her! Too much, even for our beloved Tyrion. Bye-bye daddy dearest.

The array of emotions that Peter Dinkalage displayed was amazing. Sometimes, you can go past suspended disbelief and just realize you are watching expert acting. I rewatched the scene between him and daddy-dearest a few times. It was that good.

Arya. You are one cold-hearted bitch. Really? You're soul is that lost that you walk away from the
Hound at that moment. He had no one else to sell you to. He was simply looking out for you. The oath that he lived by, which was life was cruel, he suspended for you. You went too far Arya, too far.

Was it just me, or did you not know who to root for in the Brienne vs Hound scenario?

Cersei. I don't trust that bitch. Jaime Lanniser, don't trust her either!

Bran = boring. And selfish. Really, all of that so you can walk. Dude, it's not in your cards.

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