Monday, October 5, 2015

"Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" was swell! My review, courtesy of GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

Check out my thoughts on "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" thanks to our Godaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

This one was a big winner at Sundance, claiming the Grand Jury award and the audience favorite award earlier this year. I watched in October and it was still good.

My spoiler free review:

The short: A high school touchy-feely piece, different and yet similar to the angst the students felt in the fantastic movie Brick.  Earl is a wonder, and the dying girl is … well, dying. They both execute their parts exceedingly well and are wonderful foils to the main character.

The longer: I love that the protagonist (the "Me" in the title) narrates the whole movie in voice over, and you can never tell what he wants or where he's telling the truth or making up a reality he'd love to see come to pass. It's nuanced and quiet, and very moving.

From IMDB: High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

This one is one to watch when you're not in the mood for a lot of action, but are in the mood for a lot of feels.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I watched "It Follows". See what I thought, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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I watched It Follows on Netflix. It was billed as super scary, but not in a blood and guts way and I totally agree.

My spoiler free review:

The short: Something spooky and curious and not all that well understood follows a young woman after she has sex with her new boyfriend. Her new boyfriend who then ties her up to a chair, apologized for doing this to her, then vanishes from town without a trace. All this after just one night together. And *then* the weird stuff starts to happen to her.

The longer: It's pretty spooky and eerie and gives you the willies as long as you don't think too much about the internal dynamics of the thing that "follows". (Trust me, just roll with it. If you think too hard about it, it kinda doesn't follow.)

Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, it does success handily in creeping you out, and giving you a sense that this is probably happening just in the next town over from yours … and could be happening right now.

If you like horror, and not just the blood, guts and gore … check out It Follows.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hear what I thought of "San Andreas," thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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Oooh, the Rock rocks!
I have to say that San Andreas was a huge, popcorny, sprawling, not-too-deep action movie, and I loved every minute of it.

Polite, non-spoilery review:

The short: It's a summer blockbuster starring The Rock as the movie's hero helicopter pilot who works with the LA County fire and rescue squad (I think.)  It's the Rock, being a hero, and flashing that smile. It's FANTASTIC.

The longer: Paul Giamatti plays the scientist who figures it all out with grim resolve and love for the genre too. He's hopelessly behind on getting the word out, but he's doing what he can, when he can. He's disheveled and a little goofy. He's awesome in this move too.

There is the requisite evil antihero, a love story and even a cute kid.

It was everything you hope for with a summer, big-budget thriller. Goofy, implausible, and the hero always wins.  I'll take it.

Monday, September 14, 2015

My "Wild" review, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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I saw Wild this week on DVD. Starring Reese Witherspoon, based on the book by Cheryl Strayed.

My review, as ever will be short and spoiler-free, because that's just polite.

The short: It was a little too on-the-nose and easy on the back story for my tastes, especially since the Pacific Coast Trail hike that Cheryl takes is meant to exorcise her demons. But that's probably because the majority of the movie (and book) is about her experience on the trail itself, so that makes sense.

The longer: I will say I liked the complexity of the character's downward spiral and journey back. Life is hard, people, this is just the facts. Getting from here to tomorrow can sometimes be more than you can do easily. I've been there myself, as I'm guessing have most of you reading. That's life.

Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern were simply great. From showing us simple love to complex heartbreak, perfection.

If you have comments, post them here! Or, you could always start your own blog …

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My review of "Trainwreck" thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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We've been doing television reviews, and I thought I'd throw movies into the mix! YOU can do anything on your blog, I'm telling you: talk about your favorite cereals, or celebrity dogs, or the best lattes in your town. The sky is the limit here people.

I'm going to talk about the new Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck, but I'm going to keep it short and sweet and spoiler-free, because that's just the way I roll.

The short: I liked it. It's a comedy, and I needed a comedy this week. And it's well within the wheelhouse of what you'd expect from Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow, so that's great.

The longer: It's a bit less nuanced that Ms. Schumer's stand-up, but that's to be expected in a full-cast movie with several sub-plots. Her stand-up is raunchy and cutting and "on fleek" as the kids say, and a goodly amount of this movie is just as sharp.  There are a few things that ring untrue for the highly successful woman she plays in the movie, and for the very, very successful physician she dates (played wonderfully well by Bill Heder) but that's kind of to be expected in a light comedy as well. It's a limitation of the format for the genre, not the comedy chops at work here.

Oh, and Lebron James AND John Cena were totally awesome.

If I were you, I'd see it. And then maybe I'd blog about it too, just like me!

Monday, August 31, 2015

My The Strain Season 2 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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Now, onto what I like to blog about television shows like The Strain ...

This week's episode was utterly a waste of time. I'm stating it now. I will not watch season 3.

I just don't know how a show with so much promise can be so dull? If I had to take a guess, I would say it is because the writers and frontrunners have stated that the show is supposed to last 5 seasons. They are obviously trying to stretch out all of the material to make it that long. They better be careful though, they might not reach 5 seasons because of people like me who will refuse to watch the show. I also think that it is on when there are no other programs to watch. AMC is their main competition, but with Sunday Night Football coming back, people will have other and better options for television entertainment.

I feel bad for people who write recaps for this show. I write my thoughts on the show and spend little time recapping things each week.

Honestly, this is all that happened.

  • Nora questions EPh. This happens each week. She does it in that really annoying breathy voice of hers -- like it would kill her to put any oomph into her voice. 
  • Zach is still whiny. He is still whiny over his mother. 
  • Kelly is still after Zach, but now she went to Avon. The fight scene is nothing. They are never anything. 
  • Fet is still cool. 
  • Setrakian still grumbled this week, but I think he may have had 5 lines of dialogue this week, so there was an improvement there. 
  • No Dutch this week. She must be on hiatus doing another show because the actress realizes this show sucks. 

Overall, Kelly tried to find Zach again in the most dull way possible, finds him at the hideout, convinces the moron to let her in, and nothing happens. It's like a song on repeat.

Eph saves someone's life with Zach assisting. All so he can get a rifle. Alright.

The book that everyone is after is located, after a stupid Cardinal tries to sell it to the highest bidder. Ugh.

Honestly, that's it. Nothing else happened. Oh, a lover's spat between Palmer and the French lady. French lady may be a spy.

Gang dude acts the only way a real person would and tries unsuccessfully to shoot vampire son. They make an alliance.

5 more stupid episodes to go. Maybe next week that will take the action and plot up a notch. For everyone's sake, I hope they do.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My The Strain Season 2 Thoughts blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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This week on The Strain was more of nothing. It's like they give you one more piece of information that should only last 5 minutes and fill it with an entire hour. I honestly feel like this show would be better served in 1/2 hour increments. Then maybe it would feel like something was actually happening.

So let's recap. Eph is drunk and puts a bandage on.

Nora still seems insanely clueless and docile. She would drive me crazy in an apocalypse. I'm not saying I would want someone who was all chaotic and hectic, but her? I'd be like, honestly, how about an emotion, any emotion?

Setrakian is still grumbling his way through the episodes. He still hates the Master. He still can't kill him. I think his goal was to blow up the building, but then only a little chunk of concrete fell down. Wah-wah ...

The Master still doesn't kill Setrakian. So weird.

Quinlan shows up and finally kills some of those weird monkey-children. I like this actor. I like this character. I'm sure the show will screw it up somehow.

Barbie kissed Palmer. Palmer blushes like a school-kid, which, they explain away. Whatever. I'm fairly certain Barbie was not in the books? Am I wrong? Do we care?

Kid was not as annoying this week, thank God.

Poor, poor Fet. I would make him forget all about Dutch. However, Fet, calm down for 5 seconds. Whiny girl just showed up. Give it a second. For such a manly man, I have to agree with Eph on this one, way to give up super-duper fast.

Onto next week. They better do something pretty fast to make this season make us want another. We just finished episode 7. Only 5 to go. Not like, oh my God! There is only 5 more to go! I can't believe it! More like, man, do something quick or your ratings will not let you survive into a third season.